7 Overlooked Spots We All Forget to Clean

Written By Alla Levin
January 25, 2021

Clean House: 7 Overlooked Spots We All Forget to Clean

We always desired a neat and clean home. But while cleaning our home, we lack something to clean. This article is for you to remind you of some overlooked spots that we all forget to clean most of the time. We miss them for different reasons.

But it is essential to clean those hidden spots because the dust or germs of these places can make the air polluted. It is harmful to your family. So, while cleaning your home, try to reach all the possible spots. There are even dedicated websites like Austin maid service that make the process even more comfortable.

Here are Overlooked Spots That We Forget When Clean House

It is not necessary to clean the overlooked spots that we forget daily. But it would help if you tried to include the hidden places for cleaning every week in the cleaning routine. Let’s see the spots.

Undersides of Furniture Undersides of Furniture 

When we search for anything under the furniture like a bed or sofa, we see some dust around. So, while cleaning the room, you can capture the dust with a mop. But usually, we skip looking at the bottom side of the furniture.

Use a wand or a vacuum to clean the dust, spider webs, or some other dirt from the bottom side of your furniture. You can also book an appointment with professionals like Cleanzen maids to do a deep cleaning.

Air Vents

The air vent is the spot that collects dust to filter it outside. But when you skip cleaning this for many days, it can gather a lot of dust and then get stuck. So, when you clean your whole home, you should remember to clean this part. Clean them effectively. Besides, if you think you need to change them, you should do this.

In fact, all components of your HVAC system are often overlooked and uncleaned. The problem with this is that, as just mentioned, dust can gather and clog things up. This will lead to you paying for an expensive air conditioning repair more frequently than you’d care to admit. Instead, be sure you are cleaning all air vents and other areas of your HVAC system to keep everything dust-free and functioning correctly/efficiently. 

Clean House: Top of the furniture

Not only look under the furniture, but you also have to look at the top of them. Like the bottom side, you can also find some dirt on the top. If you ignore them for days, it will be dirtier.

So, routinely clean the upper side of the kitchen, top of your doors, top of the storage cabinets, ceiling corners, etc. For this, you can use a duster with an extendable handle. Besides, you can use a microfiber cloth and use it to the mop adjusting with rubber bands.

Indoor plants

We use indoor plants to increase the beauty of the home. For both artificial and real, they can get dusted. However, you can clean the live plants easily by putting them under a showerhead. But for the larger plants, take a microfiber cloth and wipe down all the parts and leaves. Use this cloth to dust the silk plants. You can also use a hair dryer to blow off the dust.


Clean House

It is one of the overlooked spots we all forget to clean in our homes. Most of the rooms have this part. Though we clean the floor properly, baseboards contain dust and grime as like floor. If you clean the baseboard regularly, you will see a lot of differences. Your room will look fresher than on other days.


We always touch door handles and knobs so many times a day. So, cleaning them regularly or finding a door handle installation specialist to come and replace any really old ones is essential. Wipe them with a damp cloth and keep them clean.

Ceiling fans

We use ceiling fans running all time on hot days. So, fans’ blades quickly get dirty. When you clean the whole house, do not forget to clean the ceiling fans because the fans’ dirt can cause allergies.

Some other places need to clean regularly, such as kitchen cabinets, gas stove surfaces, window frames, etc. If you clean the whole house, you should remember the forgotten spots. If you clean the overlooked spots we all forget to clean, and your home seems very clean and beautiful.

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