Sell Bitcoin (BTC) to Visa and MasterCard Cards

Written By Alla Levin
March 30, 2023

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), appeared in 2009, a particular interest in virtual money began only a few years ago. The number of people who want to buy bitcoin is not decreasing, despite the ups and downs it has experienced during its holding period. There are three main steps to complete the transaction:

  • create and set up a Bitcoin wallet;
  • choose the place of the purchase;
  • select a Payment method.

There are many online services to create a wallet. The main thing to remember is that the account does not detect users’ personal data, so you must take care of yourself to reliably find all the information about the account used. If you forget the same username or password, it will be impossible to recover them.

The next steps – the choice of the place of purchase and the method of payment – require closer attention.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

There are several ways to buy cryptocurrency:

  • through online exchangers;
  • on cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • direct payments;
  • using cryptocurrencies.

The first option is the fastest and most accessible, it takes half an hour on the strength. The user only needs to find an electronic exchanger that meets his wishes and requirements and fill out a small application on the site, after which the digital coins will be at his disposal. You can use the monitoring portal to narrow your search and avoid phishing or fake exchange sites.

On you can see where it is possible to sell Bitcoin (BTC) to Visa and MasterCard cards and other directions and other directions get information on each service offered. It is worth noting that this resource’s data is constantly updated to find out the most up-to-date course.

Cryptocurrency exchanges often offer a better rate than exchangers and are also reliable, as they act as intermediaries and guarantors in all transactions. However, this is where their merits end. In addition to the fact that you must spend time registering, replenishing an account, creating an order, and other intermediate steps, you need to be prepared for additional costs in the form of commissions for almost every financial transaction.

The direct exchange allows you to buy Bitcoin at the most reasonable price and without commissions. The search for a seller is usually carried out on thematic forums, and in general, it does not take much time since there are quite a few cryptocurrency traders. At the same time, the number of fraudsters posing as sellers is also not so small, so using this method is a considerable risk.

The use of cryptomats is advisable only when other methods are impossible for some reason. Firstly, such installations are only in some cities, and it is not easy to find them. Secondly, only cash is accepted. Thirdly, huge commissions are charged, so the benefit will be minimal.

Sell Bitcoin (BTC) to Visa and MasterCard Cards: How to pay for Bitcoins?Sell Bitcoin (BTC) to Visa and MasterCard Cards

The best Bitcoin payment method is with a Visa / Mastercard bank card because:

  • Most residents in the world have a card from a particular bank, and VISA and Mastercard companies cooperate with many financial institutions worldwide, which means that many people have such a card. But even if it is absent, its design will not require much time and effort.
  • You can buy cryptocurrency with cash either in cryptomats or in exchangers. The disadvantages of the first option are indicated above, but the second option is quite acceptable, but there is a nuance. More exchange services allow you to buy Bitcoin with a Visa/MasterCard card than those that work with cash.
  • Electronic payment systems’ services are prohibited or limited, so it makes no sense to start a wallet in them.

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