Waterproof Jackets for outdoor activities
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Looking for the best rain jacket for women? Well, it’s all about finding one that is waterproof and breathable!  Waterproof or breathable technology was first introduced in 1978 and has developed over the years. Even though most people refer to waterproof jackets as GORE-TEX, these outdoor jackets can be made from a variety of materials and technologies.

Waterproof Jackets for outdoor activities

Waterproof jackets are constructed using a variety of materials, fabrics, and technology. The below materials are mainly used to create a breathable and waterproof jacket:

  • Coatings: A waterproof jacket can be made with a breathable film that can be spread across the inner surface of a shell fabric. This works like a thin coat of paint; these coated constructions are lighter and more affordable than laminates.
  • Laminates: A waterproof membrane can be bonded to the underside of a jacket’s shell fabric, similar to that of wallpaper. This makes for durable construction, and this kind of laminate can also be found in gear designed for the most extreme environments.

But regardless of the branding or material, all WPB fabrics are created to take on two tasks:

  1. Keeps rain on the outside: breathable and waterproof jackets are designed using a coating or membrane that works as a barrier that rain cannot get through. The outside surface of most waterproof jackets is also treated with a water-repellant finish that repels raindrops from soaking the surface and compromising the breathability of the coating.
  2. Keeps you dry on the inside: The same coating or membrane that blocks the rain is also designed to move evaporating sweat through the jacket. This is important as you can also become soaking wet if you are exerting yourself and your sweat isn’t able to escape your clothing.

Why you need a waterproof jacketWhy you need a waterproof jacket

Most waterproof jackets are designed with outdoor activity in mind. Some rain jackets for women are specifically made for high-intensity activities such as running and hiking, making breathability their main feature. This kind of jacket will help you stay comfortable by allowing extra heat to escape your clothing.

Other rain jackets for women are made to balance durability, breathability, and wind – making them ideal for skiing and mountaineering. These hard-wearing jackets are made with waterproof fabrics that can be a bit stuffer than the lightweight versions but can keep up with the demands of the elements.

Most of us seek a waterproof outdoor jacket that offers everyday protection and can sit between extremes.

How to choose the right rain jacket for women

So, how do you choose the right rain jacket for yourself? It comes down to what you are using it for! Here are some activities and some features you should consider when purchasing a waterproof jacket:

Walking and Hiking

If you enjoy walks and hikes, then consider a waterproof jacket that comes with the following features:

  • Breathability;
  • Stiff hood;
  • Storm flaps;
  • Pockets for extra storage.

Climbing and Mountaineering

  • Breathability;
  • Fit that allows for freedom of movement;
  • Hardwearing and tough;
  • Waterproof membrane;
  • Adjustable cuff and hems;
  • Hood that allows for helmet wear.

Everyday Use

  • Lightweight;
  • Waterproof coated;
  • Affordable;
  • Pockets for storage;

Waterproof Jackets for outdoor activities: summary

For any woman who spends their spare time out on the trails and mountains or jogging and running on the road, a good quality rain jacket for women is essential. You need to stay warm and dry for comfort, enjoyment, and safety. We hope you find what you are looking for!

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