What Industries Use Web Scraping Services the Most

Written By Alla Levin
April 03, 2023

Specialists from Market Research Future state that the money turnover in the web scraper software sector will become more than four times huger in 2030 compared with 2019. Experts attribute such popularity to the great business benefits of data mining. It helps companies worldwide increase their effectiveness through doing different research. Consequently, businesses get more income.

Enterprises from almost all existing industries use data extraction to cater to corporate requirements. Some certain branches need the web scraping service to stay competitive, though. However, not all companies know they should employ the mentioned assistance. As a result, such businesses develop much less intensively than other similar enterprises.

Top Web Scraping Users

First, it’s worth noting that entrepreneurs should contact only reputable data mining platforms (for instance, nannostomus.com) to extract information from websites. This is because doubtful IT companies usually suggest low-quality services at too high a cost. Furthermore, dubious enterprises may deliver private or prohibited data to their clients. Thus, customers can have problems with the law using such info. So, be careful.

BFSI as the Most Active Web Scraping Service Userwhat industries use web scraping

By Allied Market Research, insurance, banking, and financial companies employ the extracted data mostly to analyze the current situation in the market. By ordering web scraping services, such enterprises may predict the following things:

  • upcoming trends and prospective regions to sell their offers;
  • effectiveness of their promotion campaigns;
  • detect lacks in corporate chains;
  • know consumer opinions on their services;
  • create favorable offers to attract more customers;
  • learn deeper behavior of their target audience.

Experts believe that BFSI will stay the leader in terms of data mining service use at least by 2027.

What Industry Holds the Second Place

Here, two branches should be noted actually. They are healthcare and IT fiends. It’s just vital for these sectors to track the latest innovations. After all, human lives or security may depend on that. Also, reputable specialists believe that without innovation usage, healthcare and IT companies would just be unable to survive in their highly competitive environment.

Who Got the Honorable Third Place

AMR experts claim data extraction is also necessary for government institutions and e-commerce. The latter may know the current customer interests by employing web scraping. So, online stores can suggest more suitable goods to consumers. Such an approach allows for growing customer satisfaction.

Government establishments can track social attitudes by extracting information from websites. That enables coming up with more effective solutions. Consequently, more relevant laws are accepted. As a result, the likelihood of social unrest is greatly reduced.

What Kind of Business Needs Data Mining the MostWhat Kind of Business Needs Data Mining the Most

In 2019, the specified service was used mainly by huge corporations. At the same time, medium and small companies employed web scraping slightly less. This tendency is expected to continue for at least four more years.

Also, specialists predict that Asia-Pacific enterprises will start employing web scraping actively. The data extraction branch in this region is going to grow by almost 15% annually up to 2027. However, this area will unlikely overtake European or North American web scraping markets soon.


Data extraction services are necessary for almost all enterprises globally. BFSI, healthcare and IT industries, governments, as well as e-commerce resort to such methods more often than other fields. You should contact reputable companies (like Nannostomus) to get qualitative web scraping services and avoid legal problems.

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