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Information About Commercial Vehicle Wraps


  • High Visibility: Nearly 98% of Americans notice vehicle advertising, making it a standout option compared to traditional media.
  • Cost-Effective: Vehicle wraps are a one-time investment that offers continuous advertising without recurring costs.
  • Durability: With quality materials and professional application, vehicle wraps can last as long as your vehicle, providing long-term advertising value.

A commercial van wrap is something that is used for advertising purposes. These wraps are put on almost any vehicle, such as a car, truck, SUV, or van.

They are becoming a popular way to advertise your company. Vehicle wraps are digital artwork printed on vinyl and then wrapped onto your commercial vehicle.

You can get vehicle wraps from many different companies. Companies such as TradeWraps offer commercial vehicle wraps for advertising purposes. They can help you to design just the suitable wrap for your car or van.

This article will give you a little more information about commercial car wraps. It will tell you why you should use them and which type would be best for your company.

It will also let you know some trivia about them.

What are Commercial Vehicle Wraps: Why Vinyl Wrap My Vehicle?

The biggest reason is that nearly 98% of Americans have noticed your vehicle’s advertising. They say they can tune out all the advertising on radio, television, social media, and podcasts, but a car with a bright advertisement is hard to miss.

It is hard for potential customers to miss, but it is easy for a company to get a wrap. As a business owner, you don’t have to pay for costly media advertising or spend all your time at the post office mailing out flyers.

You need to drive your car somewhere and park it so people can see it.

Increase Your Brand Awareness Commercial Vehicle Wraps

This works especially if you are starting your business. You won’t have to spend much money to get your name into the community; you must wrap your truck and drive around town.

If you are a contractor, you can park your van outside of your job, and people going by will see it. It will be seen by other people who want you to do a job for them.

Lower Advertising Costs

With this car design, you only have to pay for it once. You don’t have to do costly commercials or set up social media accounts. You have to put the wrap on your car once, and then you can advertise for years.

You can see here the average cost of doing this to your truck:

This is just an average; depending on your desired design, it could cost you more or less.

How Does It Work?

This is essentially a large decal that is put on your truck. It is applied directly to the car by a professional like these Orange County XPEL Stealth Wrap Services (or of course, one closer to you). It is easier for a professional to do the job because of the curves and windows of the vehicle.

They can pay careful attention to all the details so the wrap has no wrinkles or tears. They can also ensure that everything is designed the way you want before they apply the vinyl.

What Should My Vinyl Include?

You have to consider at least two things – your advertising goal and your content. You will probably want large letters with your company name and a unique design to go along with it.

You will also want to include contact information, including your phone number and website.

Will My Vinyl Wrap Last a Long Time?Will My Vinyl Wrap Last a Long Time

Because of the unique ingredients used to make the wrap, it will last a long time. The color on the vinyl is made not to fade as fast and will be colorful for years.

If the job is done correctly, your wrap will last as long as your vehicle. Look here to see how long vinyl wrapping will stay on average. This is a long time for you to advertise for one low cost.


Vehicle wraps are a great way to advertise your business. It is better than commercials or flyers because you only have the expense of putting it on once, and you don’t have to pay for it again. It will last longer and have your name out there anytime you drive your car.

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