Exploring the Role of Movies in Shaping Cultural Attitudes in Term Papers

Written By Alla Levin
April 15, 2023

Have you ever watched a movie and it changed how you think? Enough to have those changes reflected in your term papers? Well, you may have experienced this. Films constitute the most significant source of entertainment.

Most people will relax by watching movies. Today, there are several streaming services available at our figure tips. And, psychologically, what we read and watch significantly impacts our cultural views. Also, you may have noticed that movies carry a message, right?

Moreover, you can be asked to write a term paper on a topic where you can use your new cultural attitude. However, that may be a little challenging, especially if you are new to writing essays. But here’s the good news. You can now quickly pay for a custom dissertation writing service and get help from an expert in almost no time. So, now that you know how to seek help let us look at how movies impact our cultural perceptions.

Exploring the Role of Movies in Shaping Cultural Attitudes in Term Papers: Star WarsStar Wars

You are missing out if you haven’t watched at least one installment in this franchise. Maybe you are a fan of fan fiction. Or perhaps you are just a fan of Star Trek. Whichever the reason, you must have noticed that it centers around one cultural issue; individualism.

For a long time, ever since the writings of Thomas Jefferson and others, there has been a mass focus on individualism. This celebrates being yourself and different in a highly homogenized society. It is about an ordinary man or woman rising above life’s commonness and dreary pace to do something extraordinary.

These ordinary people later end up doing something heroic. Many movies have shown how lone cowboys and wanderers go through lawless places and put a sense of law and justice in these places all by themselves.

When people watch Star Wars, they are reminded that saving the world can be done by ordinary people doing heroic things. As a student, you may show your individualism by picking topics for your term papers that address similar social issues.

Hotel Rwanda

Another movie that addresses social issues is Hotel Rwanda. Released in 2004, it addresses the mass genocide in Rwanda that happened in 1994. This one movie alone addresses so many issues. But let’s focus on the issue of how one person’s greed for power could lead to the death of many people and the destruction of lives.

Additionally, others might prefer to look away because something does not affect them. However, we also see how lives can change, from peace and prosperity to fear and poverty. Also, we see how these changes might bring out a strength and determination one did not know one had.

Plus, we also learn that it is possible to unlearn all notions of civilization that we think we know.  It is a sad and heartfelt movie that can encourage students always to treat others with respect regardless of color and affiliations.

Furthermore, it is still an ongoing issue even in recent times. Term papers have and can continue reflecting this issue when students base their papers on topics such as race, equality, war, and violence. Another movie that follows the same vein is The Kite Runner, which was released in 2007.

Food IncFood Inc

Another movie addressing a cultural issue is Food Inc. released in 2008. And you guessed it, it focuses on the culture of food. What people eat, who advocates what people should eat, and its effect on people.

The movie is a documentary, so there is some truth to the contents. It shows the farmers and their products and what they do to feed a nation. It talks about how farmers would use chemicals to grow more food for maximum profits while the suppliers market it as organic.

And this is common. It still happens. We are in a society that advocates for grown, organic produce but will not look at the process. Big chain suppliers will use words such as healthy, nutritious, and gluten-free to make their products appeal to a health-conscious market.

Along with this are the culture of fast food and junk eating. We want to eat quickly and get a quick lunch at the desk. We are left with people who suffer from weight-related diseases and others with eating disorders. This movie was produced to educate people about good food and healthy eating.

And it could be reflected in term papers when students see that as a way of giving ideas about growing good produce that benefits many people. Other movies related to this issue are Fast Food Nation (2006) and Super-Size Me (2004)

Legally Blonde

Another movie to make it to our list is Legally Blonde. First, it’s a comedy movie. However, you will not miss the several issues addressed in the movie. From gender issues to women supporting other women and workplace harassment, it is not devoid of real-life occurrences.

Additionally, the movie gives us a strong female lead and a possible role model to young girls. She shows that one can achieve anything one put their mind to. People can be smart and funny but tough. She breezes through law school, all the while being a social person. And she wears a lot of pink.

Moreover, the movie cements the old saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover.” This is still an issue in many workplaces where people cannot appear one way but work in a completely different way.

Some students can relate to this as they are often believed to be unable to be good students because of their dress codes but are very smart. This is an issue that many students can include in their term papers.

The Lady of HeavenThe Lady of Heaven

In addition to the others, we have The Lady of Heaven. Islam influences it and shows a heart-wrenching story of an Iraqi child as he learns about the history of Lady Fatima. Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions, with a history that is often overlooked or ignored. However, this movie sets to show how rich and deep history is.

Also, it serves to impact a few lessons on grief and faith. Students often have to write term papers arguing out topics on religion and religious history. This movie provides a look at the doctrines and teachings of the Islamic faith.

The Gods Must Be Crazy

To add to our list, we have this movie that was first released in 1980, The Gods must be crazy. Later, more sequels have been released.

The first time you watch this movie, you will find it hilarious. However, it is an allegory of a movie. It is meant to appear funny. Meanwhile, it stands for something else. It has plenty of lessons that one may miss because they are busy laughing. But if you observe, you notice that it has lessons in family ties, friendship, kindness, and even violence. It shows the integration of two cultures and its impact on the two sides.

On the one hand, we have a tribe that lives in the Kalahari Desert, living with only survival in mind. On the other hand, we have foreigners. For students, it fosters critical thinking. But, if you watch it for the antics alone, you may again miss the lessons. Also, as critical thinking is required in term papers, students could critically analyze their topics and support them with relevant facts from here. Moreover, these skills could be used further into adulthood and employment and in their personal lives.

The Social NetworkThe Social Network

One more movie to consider as impactful is The Social Network.

Everyone has used the internet at least once in their lives. Half of these people have accounts on Facebook. The Social Network traces how the social media service was born. Initially created to rate girls on their attractiveness, it became the one way people in different geographical areas could connect and network.

You will see the impact of bad decisions and misguided notions. When girls found out they were being rated, some became depressed. Later, privacy issues clouded the purpose of the service, and even the creator and founder found himself in trouble.

Since most young people learn better by visualizing rather than being taught, this movie teaches lessons in respecting other people’s privacy and ethics and that there are consequences to decisions.

The Social Network is one of the educational movies students cannot miss to watch. Issues with mental health and how it is affected by social media are now a common topic in term papers.

The role of movies in shaping cultural attitudes: wrapping up

We often watch movies as entertainment and miss the lessons therein. Although most students learn a lot this way, these lessons are later reflected in their schoolwork and term papers. Additionally, watching movies highlighting cultural issues broadens perspectives and fosters future ideas and reforms.

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