Inside the Mind of an Arousr Sexting Model – Most Sensitive Areas of CrystalCoast’s Body

Written By Thomas Hardy
April 25, 2023

Most Sensitive Areas of CrystalCoast’s Body

Sexting has transformed the way people explore their sexuality and fantasies. And if you’re curious about this type of sexual activity, you might want to know more about it. Meet CrystalCoast, an Arousr sexting model who shares the most sensitive areas of her body.


CrystalCoast confesses that she loves attention on her lips when she engages in sexting. She believes that lips are the most sensitive areas of the human body, and she enjoys sending pictures of her mouth as it is one of the keys to unlocking an unforgettable sexting session.


For her, the neck is the second most sensitive area of the body to explore. It’s a place where touch and kisses can be incredibly arousing. CrystalCoast says that touching her neck, caressing, and kissing sends shivers down her spine and prepares her for the rest of the play.


CrystalCoast considers her back as the third most sensitive area of her body. She shares that men who send pictures of their back area or touch their backside are a huge turn-on for her. It makes her feel desired and yearns for more.

Hips and thighs

CrystalCoast also highlights her hips and thighs as very sensitive areas. In these areas, a man can run his fingers up and down, massage, and tease her to get her in the mood. And, when it comes to sexting, sending pictures of men’s hips or the trails of hair toward their thighs can arouse her imagination.


Finally, CrystalCoast confesses that their feet are one of her most interesting erogenous zones. She believes that in the right context, her feet deserve attention, and she finds it very sensual. Arousr sexting includes exploring all types of fetishes, and some individuals are comfortable sharing pictures of their feet, which can get her going.

ConclusionSexting Model

Sexting is becoming increasingly popular as people find new and innovative ways to explore and fulfill their sexual desires. Understanding the sensitive areas of CrystalCoast’s body as an Arousr sexting model will help you hone your skills for an unforgettable sexting experience. Remember that sexting is all about mutual respect and building sexual tension. By engaging in conversations with anyone through Arousr, it’s essential to keep it consensual and have fun while doing so.

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