Amanda the Adventurer: 6 Things You’ll Love in This Game

Written By Alla Levin
May 20, 2023

Amanda the Adventurer: 6 Things You’ll Love in This Game

Gaming can transport us to another world and make us feel all kinds of ways. If suspense if your game, then Amanda the Adventurer is a 2022 release on Steam that you can’t miss. If this ‘adventure’ game doesn’t really sound like the creepy vibes you love, then keep reading to find out the six bone-chilling things you’ll love about this game.

An Immersive Storyline

Amanda the Adventurer takes place in the attic of Aunt Kate’s House, where you’ll join Amanda and her friend Wooly as they explore and learn through kid-like puzzles and games. These puzzles can be tricky but oh-so-fun to complete as they lead you deeper into the strangeness of the game.

Plus, if the puzzles have you scratching your head for too long, you can get some help from the Amanda the Adventurer walkthrough.

An Eerie World

While Amanda the Adventurer might look like a computer game for kids on the surface, it actually falls under the indie horror genre due to its eerie and unsettling storyline and setting.

In the attic you’re playing in, everything is dark, quiet, and creepy, and you look for the lost tapes and watch Amanda threaten you and her Wooly friend. The childlike atmosphere of the tapes paired with the darkness of the attic only adds to that eerie feeling!

Intense Gameplay Mechanics

This game also offers an intense, and nerve-wracking gameplay experience that will test your problem-solving and survival skills, and you navigate in the dark, answer Amanda’s questions, and make decisions.

Prepare yourself for jump scares, time-pressured choices, and unsettling encounters that will keep you on your toes.

Alternate Endings

An exciting aspect of Amanda the Adventurer is that it has five unique endings. Your ultimate outcome will vary depending on the choices and actions you make throughout the game, meaning that you can play it over and over to achieve all six.

You can choose between ‘a Gruesome End,’ ‘a Fateful End,’ ‘a Hollow End,’ ‘the End,’ and ‘the End?’, but you won’t know what you’re getting until you get there!

Creepy Horror Elements

While Amanda the Adventurer might not be frightening enough to be classified as a true horror game, it still has enough horror elements to give you the creeps and send shivers down your spine.

The atmospheric sound design and unnerving visuals will relentlessly keep you on edge and provide a truly immersive experience that will leave you wondering what you just experienced.

Community Experiences

Contrary to popular belief, gaming doesn’t have to be an isolating experience – in fact, gaming has a rich community aspect that is crucial to most serious gamers.

You can enjoy the multiplayer function of the game to bring a friend along on your journey and fall down an internet rabbit hole with the other fans of the game who love to discuss theories and the interesting consequences of their choices throughout their gameplay experience.

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