How To Succeed As A Reseller

Written By Alla Levin
June 30, 2023

Becoming a reseller might sound like an excellent idea for those looking for a new source of income or who want to own their own business. Typically a reseller will buy goods directly from the manufacturer, not for use but to resell them. Distribution, narrowing down customer preferences, and storage can also be part and parcel of the deal. However, there is no one set way to be a reseller. 

But what do you need to be successful? 

How To Succeed As A Reseller: Get Creative!

Ideally, it would help if you always looked for the highest resale value items, but that can be a long slog. In the end, though, worth it. Head to stores in your local area and go through the bargain bins to consignment stores and outlets. Look for bulk products and then check their prices online. Don’t avoid having limited or single items either; there are many options, so get creative with your reselling. 

Lifestyle Not Item

People need or want an item because it will add something to their life. And it is your job to sell that lifestyleYou have detailed product descriptions that include how you can use the item and photographs of the thing in multiple scenarios. And although you might be tempted to fill space with emojis, they aren’t helpful for SEO, so optimize your space. 

Clothes tend to look better on people, makeup swatches on multiple skin tones are a great idea, and furniture items dressed and placed to be the show’s star all help. To ensure that the information and images are the best they can be. 

Metrics How To Succeed As A Reseller

Keep a close eye on your metrics – where do people find your store? What does their journey look like? Are there barriers to the purchase? Ideally, you have a website with free whmcs, easy-to-use plugins, and access to support should you need it too. 

Pay attention to more than just the sales to streamline the user journey. 

Batch Work 

You don’t need to be putting in hours all day and every day. Instead, you can do items in batches. Batching will mean you only need a little time to get everything up. Be sure to make some text templates that you can edit slightly for descriptions. Do as many photos as you can at once too. This is highly beneficial so speed and ease of working. 

How to Succeed as a Reseller: Consistency

Putting up four items and hoping for the best isn’t work. You’ll need to consistently add new items, update images, and add blog content. This is the signal to search engines that you are active. 

Also, being active on social media and advertising your products, and engaging is a must. Set aside a few hours each week to set up some auto-posting software. So you’re always going to be seen. 

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