Make Connections A Business Priority

Written By Alla Levin
January 20, 2020

Making Connections a Business Priority

Connecting is what makes the market go round. For businesses of all sectors, connections need to be a priority in everyday activities. Your team can’t convey your messaging or provide the necessary services with them. Think of connections as the bridge that brings your company and your audience closer.

While connections are an integrated part of our day-to-day activities, they are too often taken for granted.

True enough, we live in a world of hyper-connectivity where a simple click can put you in touch with your interlocutor in real-time. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement as companies easily overlook the following elements: 

Start with the office environmenthow to make connections

It would be insane to consider building a productive office without access to the Internet. However, many companies fail to measure the importance of a reliable WiFi connection on their premises.

Your team needs to be able to swap desks to collaborate on projects or to plan a meeting with partners without losing their connection.  Ake connectivity everywhere in your office a priority. Ultimately, a faulty broadband package and unreliable connection can cost you a lot of time and affect productivity and creativity.

Simple changes such as WiFi amplifiers or changing providers can put your team back in control of their work.  

Connecting to your audience at all times

Event marketing can be a useful promotional tool. However, it doesn’t matter how much budget you are working with. If you can’t get the right staff to manage the live experience, you will not be able to connect with your audience.

That’s precisely what staff management software solutions provide; a tool that tracks your team in real-time to ensure that your experts get a chance to shine.  Sure, there’s still the old-fashioned spreadsheet, but you’ll find that a software tool can react to last-minute changes on the spot and inject life and energy into your events. 

You can’t afford to let anybody wait for an answerMaking Connections as Business Priority

How patient are your customers? The truth is that people who get in touch via social media platforms expect an almost immediate response.

Nearly 65% of Twitter users, for instance, expect to hear from you within 60 minutes. Delaying your answer is never a good strategy. It can be helpful to use a real-time social media tracking solution that notifies you of any queries.  The longer people wait, the less they feel connected to your brand. 

Reach out to build an authentic connection

Your audience wants to know who is behind the company. They want to meet the natural persons who prepare their orders and tackle their questions. Unfortunately, more often than not, companies focus on the respected names in their hierarchy, aka the founder and people who sit on the board.

But, you can use video marketing to take your audience backstage and introduce them to your team. Team introduction or videos that explain how you create a product, for instance, can make a big difference in reaching out to your audience. 

Creating a space where people can reach out to you is about making your business more relevant.

This means upgrading your IT solutions to boost connectivity, ensuring you get the best scheduling tools for your team, and providing rapid answers to your customers. Additionally, introducing your processes can help establish a bond with your target audience. In short, in 2020, show yourself!

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