Driving User Adoption: Strategies for Marketing B2B Software Solutions

Written By Alla Levin
July 06, 2023

Are you struggling to choose the right strategy that should be implemented as a B2B software company? A significant factor that should be considered to determine the appropriate B2B marketing for software companies is its own needs and resources.

Even highly developed tech-savvy companies can struggle to drive user adoption with the right strategies for marketing B2B software solutions. In this article, you’ll clearly understand B2B marketing, how to drive user adoption in marketing, and some of the best strategies to market B2B software solutions. 

Strategies for Marketing B2B Software Solutions: What Is User Adoption in B2B Marketing?

Marketing a business when it sells its products or services to other businesses is called B2B solutions  – Business-to-business marketing. It differs entirely from B2C – Business to consumer marketing, a company selling its products or services to individual customers.

The content that B2B marketing uses is usually more direct and informative since business buyers mainly prioritize getting more return on their investment and financial impacts. But consumers usually will not keep considering if they will get ROI the same way the corporate company’s decision makers do. 

When new users or customers start using a new product or service and stick to using the same product for a long time if they find it satisfying or if it helps them achieve their goals, it is called user adoption.

7 Best Strategies for Marketing B2B Software Solutions

Here are some of the best strategies for marketing B2B software solutions for tech marketing company

Build Your Company’s Reputationstrategies for marketing B2B software solutions

One of the effective strategies of B2B software marketing is to improve your company’s reputation through word-of-mouth marketing. But often the companies overlook one of the easiest approaches to achieving positive word-of-mouth marketing is ignoring their team member’s satisfaction in their jobs.

There is no way your products are not promoted if you keep your employees satisfied and happy with their work. They will promote your brand within their networks, which will boost your company’s reputation.

It is not new for B2B marketing for software companies to face new challenges, but they can always dive deeper into various strategies while considering what they need to achieve in the end. 

Invest in Paid Advertisements

Although marketing has a broader scope, advertisement is one of the major key components of marketing strategy. Paid advertising is an approach that operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis, where you will have to invest money to increase and drive clicks for your ads.

Some effective platforms for paid advertising are social media platforms, online publications, trade publications, and Google. If you are a newbie to paid advertising, it is recommended to start with Google ads, but platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram offer many advertising opportunities.

Build Your Community

Building your community around your brand if you are a technology company is a primary marketing strategy, particularly on social media platforms. For the success of a startup, you need to build a brand image to get a lot of attention which will be known for excellent customer service. 

You can utilize social media to engage with your customers actively and address their queries promptly so that you can show your target audience your commitment to service and gain their trust. Overall building a community that is entirely brand-focused and gaining insights from your customers are the key steps for effective marketing in the technology industry. 

Include CTAs

Another recommended B2B digital marketing strategy for software companies is a call to action (CTA). While most businesses rely on the sales funnel approach, you will find value in considering tangible marketing resources.

For example, you can provide a physical reference for your potential customers to review the pricing and specifications of your product through branded booklets, including your company’s message, product list, and current specials. But to make your branded booklet more effective, you need to add a call to action that looks compelling and appealing. 

Develop Lead Generation Strategies

Developing a lead generation plan for your technology company is essential to generate leads through different methods such as direct mail, email campaigns, and presentations. Implementing these systems for qualifying leads allows you to prioritize leads that are more likely to convert. 

Start to create impressive presentations by choosing a suitable template that goes well with your brand’s style and tone. You can find various ranges of templates to find the one that suits your brand the best and its needs.

However, finding ways to generate leads directly from your product is an impactful lead-generation strategy. Additionally, attending and organizing digital events can help generate leads for your technology company.

Build a Brand Targeting Professional Audiences

Building a brand is a key objective in the business world for a tech start-up that targets a professional audience. Some of the effective methods to achieve this includes establishing a detailed website and blog. 

Create a blog connected to your social media profiles and share relevant content that resonates with your audience. But make sure that you pay attention to your website, and ensure it functions properly, is clear, concise, and not complex. Monitor your competitors regularly to gain valuable insights into their successful strategies to engage with their customers.

Create Customer-Desired Content

Creating content that resonates well with your ideal customers is important to attract more readers to your brand and engage with them. Establishing your expertise within your industry is a common strategy for successful technology companies.

You can create a live podcast, video, or article that gives you authority and makes your target audience see you as an expert in your industry. Another effective way is to participate in events to address larger audiences online or in person can help improve your brand awareness. These strategies can help you promote your brand by providing valuable content that meets your customer’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 Ps of B2B marketing?

The 7 P’s of marketing are product, price, place, people, process, and physical evidence. They are the key elements needed for a business to market effectively. 

How do you promote a B2B platform?

Promoting a B2B platform involves aligning your business goals with objectives, identifying opportunities, paying attention to customers’ needs, using social media platforms to engage with your target audience, etc. 

What are the 4 pillars of B2B marketing?

B2B businesses should include 4 marketing pillars: content, connection, communications, and conversion into their campaigns.

Strategies for marketing B2B software solutions: final thoughts

Marketing technology companies can face challenges, but effective strategies are available to facilitate business growth. Identifying what method works best for your company based on your niche. Successful marketing involves creating a straightforward customer journey to guide potential customers through the sales funnel, encouraging them to progress to the next stage. 

Even blog posts and other content pieces should contribute to moving leads along the sales pipeline. Standing out as a new technology company can be particularly challenging for a technology software company in a competitive industry. But with the strategies implemented, you can easily build trust and improve your brand awareness.

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