Make the Most of Workforce’s Time: Productivity and Accountability With Timesheet Management Software

Written By Alla Levin
August 04, 2023

Customer satisfaction comes from a field service business that ensures they meet their accountability obligations. From meeting service delivery timelines and the quality promised, field service businesses have to optimize complete operations to ensure accountability.

Using digital tools like time-tracking software can prove helpful in bringing discipline in meeting service timelines. Read more about how timesheet management software helps increase workforce productivity and accountability for field servicing.

Timesheet Management Software: What is Timesheet Management Software?

A timesheet management software helps a field service business manage a workforce’s productive time across shifts, time-offs, updates, leave approvals, invoicing, etc. For example, it is common to pay contract workers by the hour in field services. A business can use check-in and check-out data provided by the timesheet management software to calculate the invoice. This ensures transparency in payment to the workforce.

Important features your timesheet management software should have

While choosing a time-tracking tool, ensure it contains below five key features:

  1. Notify urgent updates: for any changes in timelines that require urgent attention, it is possible to update in real-time to workers on the job site.
  2. Visibility on project timelines: based on time tracked, you can view upcoming deadlines and urgent requests on a central dashboard.
  3. Facial biometrics: if you’re using Zuper’s field service management app, it provides advanced features like facial recognition-based biometrics to track attendance.
  4. Time-off management: the ability to approve time-off requests raised by workers based on project timelines and behavior.
  5. Manage timesheet submissions: approve or reject timesheets shared by workers, and analyze data on the workforce’s productivity.

How does timesheet management software improve workforce productivity?Timesheet Management Software

Here’s how time tracking essentially impacts the productivity of your field service business:

  1. Makes one aware of time spent: Time-tracking brings necessary visibility on time spent on tasks and overall jobs. This makes workers realize how to perform a task efficiently to reduce time.
  2. Automatic invoicing: on job completion, it is possible to pay workers based on time tracked by the software immediately. Good payment practices increase the trust and commitment of workers to your firm.
  3. Route optimization: reduce travel time by optimizing routes taken by workers to reach job sites with less traffic.
  4. Performance evaluation: it is possible to identify slackers who are causing project delays.
  5. Compliance and auditing: time tracking helps your business comply with local labor laws. This helps raise the workforce’s trust, attracting better and more professional talent.

How does timesheet management software improve workforce accountability?

Better time-tracking practices make your field service technicians and management accountable for the jobs at hand. Here’s how it happens:

  1. Accurate invoicing: by accurately tracking time, your field service technicians understand the monetary value of being on time and completing jobs. This is reflected in their earnings and missed opportunities in case of delays.
  2. Incentives and punishments: designing a robust incentive structure to promote good behavior among field service technicians is possible. For example, you can provide bonuses when the worker reaches the job site on time for ten consecutive jobs.
  3. Continuous improvement: time-tracking allows your management to provide feedback to field service technicians about their workplace habits. Such a consistent lookout helps them get better at their jobs.
  4. Prompt response to time-off requests: by implementing ethical time-off management practices with quick answers, your field service technicians feel comfortable about work-life balance in the company.

Choose a timesheet management app with Android and IOS App for time trackingTimesheet Management Software

Most field servicing jobs are remote, and it is not feasible for managers to stay on multiple job sites for supervision. Thus, it is better to implement a timesheet management software that has mobile app access as a feature.

An Andriod or iOS app for time tracking helps:

  1. Instantly update check-in and check-out times from the job site itself.
  2. Share real-time notifications about timeline changes in the project so that the field service technician can align immediately.
  3. Offline mode allows accurate time-tracking, especially for workers deployed in remote areas with unstable internet connectivity.
  4. Track field service technician’s location at a specific time using geo-tracking.
  5. Use timers and track time-sensitive work on the job site.

Zuper’s field service management software includes robust time-tracking features under the timesheet management offering. Book a demo to integrate our software into your jobs and workflows today.

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