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Paraphraser Review – Does It Help Overcome Writer Block?

Writer’s block is a temporary condition where a human writer isn’t capable of proceeding with their (writing) work. There are several different reasons that can cause writer’s block, like lack of inspiration, overthinking, insufficient research, distraction, perfectionism, etc.

They can decrease a writer’s productivity, leading to missing deadlines for the work. Even if you have an idea for your story, your current mood and mindset may not be conducive to writing.

But did you know there’s an online tool named “Paraphraser” which has clarified that it can help writers to overcome their writer’s block?

So, in today’s article, I’m going to review this paraphrasing tool by Paraphraser and see if it can overcome writer’s block.

Paraphraser.io: A Quick Introduction

Paraphraser is an online paraphrasing tool that works to rephrase the text in a way that doesn’t change its original meaning. As a writer, it is no less than a treasure, one which can be used in many different ways, like making content readable, optimizing its tone and flow, and reducing the risk of plagiarism.

If I talk further about this paraphrase tool, it uses highly advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms on its backend. These progressive algorithms help to replace words with synonyms and change their sentence structure but don’t change their contextual situation.

This free AI rephrasing tool provides a 600-word limit in the free version. Along with this, Paraphraser offers six different rephrasing modes, out of which three are accessible for free, which is not bad at all if compared to other tools.

  • So, this was a quick introduction to what Paraphraser is.
  • What is Writer’s Block, and How Paraphraser Helps to Overcome Them?
  • Now, let’s discuss writer’s block and how this AI-based paraphrasing tool can help to overcome it.

Not Getting New Ideas Overcome Writer Block

A common writer’s block that writers face daily is that they aren’t getting ideas to express their thoughts. This happens when a writer has written multiple pieces of content on the same niche or topics several times. This also happened to me when I got a job in an IT company. At first, I was very happy, but with time, I got depressed because I wasn’t getting new ideas to express my thoughts.

But, when I got familiar with Paraphraser, this was no longer an issue for me. It helps me to give new ideas and perspectives to express my thoughts.

To make this easy to understand, let me show you an example of how Paraphraser can also give you new ideas and ways. For this, I’m using its first mode, “Fluency.” The above image makes it visible how it has rewritten a sentence in an entirely new way.

Unable to Make Phrases

This is also another frustrating issue that beginner writers face the most. They fail to make proper, fluent phrases and sentences that readers can easily read. This issue occurs when using complicated words, misusing subject-verb agreement, and restructuring sentences in an inappropriate way.

Such issues can make the phrases hard to read and repel the readers. This can also frustrate the writer because they fail to make phrases and sentences that flow well. In the beginning, this was the same issue for me, but with time and Paraphraser, I could write proper sentences in a readable manner.

Let me show you how this helps me to make fluent phrases. The mode I used for making phrases readable is “Standard.”

You can see how this specific mode of paraphrasing has made the phrase fluent and readable for everyone. In the original sentence, the readers might get confused about what is “warm,” but this paraphrasing tool has made it easier to understand by adding the word “hearted” next to “warm.”

Lower the Anxiety

In writer’s block, anxiety must be first on the list because the majority of writers. This can occur due to many reasons that writers face in their daily lives, like being unable to complete work, failing to get ideas, and many more.

However, from my writing experience, I have come to know that writers’ main issue that can lead to anxiety is the occurrence of accidental plagiarism. It occurs when a writer writes content on their own, but some part of the text is found to be copied from another source.

This can frustrate the writer because they didn’t copy any text from online sources but still found plagiarized. I have also gone through this.

But I have used Paraphraser, which helps me eliminate traces of plagiarism from the content. Thanks to its highly advanced AI-powered algorithms that can rephrase the text and make it plagiarism-free.

It will rephrase the text by changing the majority of words and also restructure sentences without losing the real intent, which leads to eliminating plagiarism. Let me show you how it can eliminate plagiarism. I always use its “Word Changer” mode to eliminate duplication.

Lack of Vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the most important aspects of writing that can help writers to find the right words to express their thoughts in a written format. Beginner writers lack vocabulary, as compared to experienced writers.

This writer’s block can also lower the productivity of writers. It is because when they can’t find words, they will do brainstorm or look for other words in the thesaurus, which can take a lot of time. A lack of vocabulary can cause self-plagiarism, which is not good for writers.

However, Paraphraser can help writers to improve their vocabulary and help them in learning new words. With this tool, they can enhance their writing style by using different words.

Besides, it also provides a vocabulary enhancement feature, from where you can get familiar with different synonyms for a specific word. To access this feature, click on a word in the output, and a drop-down menu with multiple synonyms will appear.

In the figure below, I have shown you the output results generated by this rephrase tool and how to access this vocabulary enhancement feature. The mode I used is the first one. See how many synonyms it provided you for the specific word.

Some Notable FeaturesSome Notable Features

Now, let’s talk about some other notable features of Paraphraser.io that can be useful for writers.

  • Free Access: It is an AI-based online paraphrasing tool that users can also use for free but with some restrictions. For instance, they can rephrase 600 words at a time in the free version. Also, they can access the first three modes in the free version.
  • Effective Modes: As mentioned previously, Paraphrasing provides six different modes, and each of them works very effectively to rephrase the text. The modes are:
  • Fluency
  • Standard
  • Word Changer
  • Creative
  • Smarter
  • Shorten
  • Multilingual Support: In Paraphraser, you can get 22 different languages, which means users across the globe can use it in their own specific language.
  • No Registration Required: As a new user, you must register to access it in other online tools. But in Paraphraser, you don’t have to do any sign-up or registration. However, in the premium version, they require you to create an account, which is for your safety.
  • Synonyms Suggestions: Paraphraser also provides an advanced feature in which you can replace any specific word in the output with suggested synonyms. With this feature, you can make changes in the output according to your will.


If we talk about the price of its premium version, then it is very affordable and reasonsable than other paraphrasing tools. It provides two premium plans, Basic and Enterprise, which further have three packages.

Currently, it has a Hot Summer Sale, which offers 65% off on all its Basic packages.

Basic Plans:

  • Weekly: $7 (in Hot Summer Sale, it is extended to Monthly Plan)
  • Monthly: $20 (in Hot Summer Sale, it is available for only $7)
  • Yearly: $12.5/monthly (in Hot Summer Sale, it is $5/monthly)

Enterprise Plans:

  • Enterprise 1: $50 only
  • Enterprise 2: $125 only
  • Enterprise 3: $225 only

Does Paraphraser Really Help to Overcome Writer’s Block?

So, after reviewing Paraphraser.io, my answer is yes. This paraphrasing tool can help to overcome writer’s block. It is a free tool that comes with some very unique features from which writers can take benefit.

The free accessibility of the Paraphraser is not the only reason it can help overcome writer’s block. There are also other valuable reasons why it is best in many cases. For instance, it can help writers reduce their anxiety by clarifying and straightforward content.

Not only does it improve clarity, but it is also helpful to give them new ideas to express their thoughts. It can also help writers eliminate accidental plagiarism, which may be the major cause of frustration.

Besides, Paraphraser can also enhance the writers’ vocabulary, and they will be able to write better. Even compared to other paraphraser, it provides some very reliable & premium plans for its users.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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