How Technology Is Changing the Future of Social Media

Written By Alla Levin
March 28, 2019
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Check those Changing the Future of Social Media Technology

If we look back, at the early days of Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, we’ll realize how much they’ve evolved. Moreover, we don’t even have to mention all of the platforms that are now obsolete – the reason for that is, naturally, technology and its continuous development.

Now, we may expect technology to evolve to cater to other types of needs, and not to help social media, so to say. However, we can all safely admit that, at the moment, social media is the most important thing one has to approach to grow.

If you engage in any type of activity/ business/ hobby and whatnot, social media helps you grow and develop. Therefore, it’s no wonder that more and more technologies are being developed to facilitate and improve the use of social media.

Let’s now see how certain types of technology are changing the future of social media.

Artificial Intelligence and AutomationInstagram like bots

We already see software that handles with Instagram’s automation, for example. There are plenty of Instagram like bots out there, or bots that can perform a variety of tasks. Of course, this doesn’t mean that people don’t use Instagram anymore. They just leave some of the boring tasks that imply growth on the hands – or, better said, algorithms – of these bots.

Moreover, there are already a couple of instances of Artificial Intelligence use. There are companies that use this technology to create automated targeted marketing. Such software can monitor Instagram hashtags or a specific Instagram page, boost the heir productivity, offer real-time analytics, and help companies always stay competitive.

In short, social media automation and instances of artificial intelligence are not for personal use – at the moment, at least. They are mostly used by companies, brands, or influencers in order to maintain the steady growth of their social media channels.

Check instazood – it is an Instagram bot that helps to grow your Instagram profile by removing the barrier between you and your target followers.

Virtual Reality TechnologyWoman using virtual reality headset at night with city lights in background

Another trend/ piece of technology that keeps on developing is Virtual Reality. By the likes of it, we can safely assume that it will be implemented to social media and similar types of platforms. For example, we already have 3D videos or augmented reality ones on Facebook. Shortly, we will probably be able to access our social media channels through an entirely VR environment and leave behind the good old smartphone.

However, until that happens, the equipment required to view VR Videos or VR related and Augmented Reality needs to get a lot cheaper. Still, we cannot wait for the moment when videos, images, and whatnot will appear in our feed in Augmented or Virtual Reality!

The Bottom Line

Even though there are a couple of other technologies that are almost ready to change our view on and way of the use of social media, such as biometric facial recognition, mind reading, and Radio Frequency Identification Tags, they are all somewhat related to what we’ve mentioned above.

All of them work towards the automation of social media in one way or another – for example, the Radio Frequency Identification Tags may be able to automatically like or check us in the location we visit.

In short, technology is developing faster and faster every year and, soon, some of the things we’ve dreamt about may become true!

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