Low-Maintenance Pergola Kits: How To Select the Best

Written By Alla Levin
September 07, 2023

Low-Maintenance Pergola Kits: How To Select the Best

With the wide range of pergolas, it can be difficult to figure out which is best for you. Your choice depends entirely on what you want to get out of your pergola and what you will use it for. There are other factors to consider so that you’re making a choice that lasts for a long time and looks great. Here’s what you need to know.

Engineered Wood Pergolas

Even if you get a durable 12 x 12 pergola kit, going for engineered or modified wood can make all the difference in the world. This is because it gives you the appearance of wood without all the upkeep required by wood. Engineered wood does still require painting and staining, but less frequently. However, it still isn’t low-maintenance.

Fiberglass Pergolas

This is another material that is often used in the construction of pergolas. Fiberglass doesn’t require any painting at all, making it a much better choice than wood. However, with constant sun exposure, it grows more brittle and can eventually crack. At this point, the structure of your pergola has been compromised and will need to be repaired or replaced altogether.

Metal Pergolas

Metal pergolas aren’t very common, but the ones that do look great. They can be made from wrought metal, aluminum, or steel. This makes them highly durable and will last for a very long time, and won’t crack under the elements. On some occasions, however, it can suffer from the same problems as wood, in that it won’t hold color or stains very well after a long period. Even when they’re powder-coated, they can flake off over time and leave the metal bare, increasing the chances of rust. A metal pergola will have to be repainted in the future to maintain its strength.

Vinyl Pergolas

Vinyl is one of the lowest-maintenance materials that can be used to construct pergolas. It doesn’t require frequent painting since the color is added right to the material during the manufacturing process. So the color will stay there all year round and won’t fade in the sun. One of the key ways to ensure that the structure and appearance of your pergola remain intact is to ensure a solid structural base on the inside. Vinyl alone can be pretty thin, leading to easy breaking. That’s why most pergolas are reinforced with an interior post stiffener that can add to the structure and make it more durable.

Be sure to look at different types of pergolas and the materials they’re made from to make the right choice for yourself. If you’re stuck on which to choose, you can make the situation easier by talking to a landscaping contractor or professional to examine the aesthetic of your yard and home and find the pergola that best matches your style. Call the nearest one today and see if you can get a consultation. You could have a new pergola sooner than you think.

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