Tips for a Successful Boudoir Session

Written By Alla Levin
September 14, 2023

Boudoir photography allows women to celebrate their sensuality through graceful, intimate photographs. While these photos can turn out amazing, it can be unsafe to get them taken, especially if you’ve never booked a session like this before.

Tips for a Successful Boudoir Session

I’m sharing the top tips for making sure your boudoir session results in eye-catching, artistic photos you’ll cherish, from proper communication to embracing your confidence during the shoot.

Connect with Your Photographer Ahead of Time

Communicating with your boudoir photographer before the session is crucial for ensuring you both have clear expectations and are on the same page. Here are some specific things I recommend discussing:

Comfort Level

Betsy McCue photography, explains that having an open conversation about your comfort level is key for boudoir sessions. Boudoir photography requires letting your guard down and being vulnerable, and Betsy makes it a point to make sure her clients are comfortable, even before it’s time to take photos.

Discuss what would help put you at ease – wearing a robe between shots, breaks as needed, and not having anyone else present. If you have any concerns or boundaries, air them beforehand so the photographer can ensure you feel respected and comfortable.

Having this dialogue gets everything out in the open so you can have a positive, empowering experience. The photographer will know how to bring out your beauty and help you celebrate your sensuality in a safe and comfortable way.

Overall Mood and Aesthetic Boudoir Session

Talk about the overall mood and aesthetic you want for your photos. Are you going for a more sensual, risqué vibe with lingerie? Or a soft, delicate feel with floral prints and robes? Providing visual examples of styles you love helps the photographer understand your vision. Discuss what parts of your body you most want to feature or downplay. This gives the photographer insight into flattering poses and angles for you.

Specific Poses and Styles You Like

Address specific poses and styles you like or are uncomfortable with. If you love back poses but don’t want any close-ups on your stomach, share that!

Being honest about poses you enjoy versus those you want to avoid prevents any awkward moments later. Ask if they have suggestions on what tends to be most flattering for different body types. Their experience can guide you on what will look beautiful.

Pamper Yourself Before the Shoot

Pampering yourself before a boudoir shoot is important for making yourself feel confident, sexy, and camera-ready. Here are some specific self-care tips:

  • Book a salon appointment to get your hair styled and your nails done. Hairstyles like loose, tumbling curls or a sleek updo complement boudoir photography. Get a manicure and pedicure in a color that makes you feel feminine, like a deep red or pale pink. Professional styling adds to the sensual aesthetic.
  • Exfoliate from head to toe. Use a body scrub to reveal smooth, glowing skin. Pay special attention to areas like your legs and décolletage that will likely be exposed. Follow with shaving or waxing your legs and underarms for flawless results. Moisturize thoroughly after shaving to hydrate.
  • Consider getting a spray tan for an even, bronzed glow. Or do your own self-tanning routine a couple of days prior. Tan lines are actually encouraged with boudoir photography! Just avoid overdoing it.
  • Pamper your face with a hydrating mask. Get your brows professionally shaped and tinted. Experiment with false lashes if you want a dramatic eye look.

Taking this time to pamper and preen helps you exude confidence in front of the camera. When you know every hair is in place and your skin looks airbrushed, it’s easier to feel comfortable striking sexy poses. Treat yourself to these beauty rituals beforehand to focus on your sensuality during the shoot.

Bring Multiple OutfitsBoudoir Session

When preparing your wardrobe for a boudoir shoot, variety is key. Bring multiple lingerie options in different colors and fabrics – slinky satin pieces, delicate lace, silky robes. Try on different bras and underwear like thongs, French cuts, or high-waisted styles to see what complements your figure.

Add statement jewelry, sexy heels, garter belts, or other accessories to complete the look. Mix and match pieces in creative ways, like pairing a lace bra with satin tap pants. Having an array of pieces to work with allows you to find the perfect ensembles that flatter your body type and fit the overall aesthetic you’re going for.

Relax and Have Fun

Boudoir photography is all about letting your inner confidant shine, so it’s important to relax, have fun, and thoroughly enjoy the experience. I advise setting the mood with music and a little bubbly if that’s your style. Make a playlist with songs that make you feel empowered and get you in a flirtatious mindset. Sipping a glass of champagne can help calm nerves and get you feeling celebratory. Approach the shoot with an open mind, and don’t be afraid to be bold. Flaunt your assets with pride! Laugh, dance, and interact playfully with the camera.

Boudoir Session: Conclusion

The photos will turn out best when you’re genuinely having fun and embracing your sensuality in the moment. Use this as a no-judgment zone to appreciate your body and spirit. However you choose to let loose and enjoy the experience, the confidence you exude will result in stunning, joyful photos.

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