Efficiency and Cost Savings: The Benefits of Using a Fryer Filter Machine

Written By Alla Levin
September 19, 2023

Most of a fast-food restaurant’s budget goes towards deep fryer oil rather than other appliances or food. Restaurants might easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on fresh cooking oil each year without an efficient fried oil management system.

Filtering your fryer oil so it can be reused is more cost-effective than replacing it after each shift. There is currently a range of options available to restaurants for effectively filtering and cleaning deep fryer oil, which can increase the oil’s lifespan and guarantee a consistent flavor.

Using a fryer filter machine: how fryer filter machines add value to your business

When unfiltered oil is used, the taste of the food worsens. Smelly sediments in oil can be filtered out with a fryer filter machine. A fryer filter machine keeps the oil clean, reduces oil usage, and lengthens its shelf life. This is great for the budget and guarantees that every meal will be wonderful.

Regular maintenance on fry oil changes is an annoyance. However, if you invest in a fryer filter machine, you can reduce the frequency with which you swap out the oil. If you use a machine to filter the water instead of a cone, you can keep your kitchen clean and protect the health of your staff.

How fryer filter machines work

A fryer filter machine is an easy way to maintain clean cooking oil. Once the day’s frying is complete, the oil is drained and reused. Mobile fry filter equipment can even be used to filter oil from the fryer. A succession of internal filters cleans the oil and removes any remaining debris. These filters keep the oil clean and free of debris such as bread crumbs, charred bits of food, and other trash. The machine will then force the filtered oil through the filter pipe and back into the fryer.

Once the oil has been filtered, it can be reused, and the contaminants can be safely disposed of. The frying oil filter machine will keep your oil clean and fresh, allowing you to fry meals without sacrificing quality and making your fried meals tastier.

How to reduce downtime using a MirOil fryer filter machine

When only one pot of oil is being used at a time, such as in a home kitchen, manually filtering the oil through cheesecloth or paper filters is sufficient. However, this is not the case in a commercial kitchen. When the volume of oil being processed increases, it becomes clear that mechanical assistance is required, mainly if downtime caused by filtering is to be minimized. The MirOil oil filter machine can filter oil at temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so there’s no need to let the oil cool down first.

The MirOil portable oil filter machine is an effective filtering system for fryer oil that removes contaminants and lengthens the cooking oil’s shelf life in industrial kitchens. The MirOil portable oil filter machine cleans the oil in the fryer by running it through a series of filters that trap and remove waste and food particles.

Using the MirOil portable oil filter machine has many advantages, such as better food quality, longer oil life, less oil waste, and lower costs. You might also like Advantages of Renting a Kitchen for Small Food Businesses.

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