Best Time To Go on a Honeymoon Safari for First-Time Safari Goers

Written By Alla Levin
May 12, 2023

Honeymoon Safari for First-Time Safari Goers

It is always a great idea to explore the ideal time you want to go for your desired safari honeymoon experience. Who would want their beach vacation to begin during a stormy season? Similarly, no one would prefer a safari when the migrating herds you so badly wanted to see have already left.

It is common knowledge that animals disperse as soon as it rains. And like this, you encounter fewer crowds while you are on a safari visit. Despite that, migratory birds, young antelope, and wildebeest calves arrive during the rainy season. These animals draw predators, making it even more exciting. 

This season might be perfect for couples wishing for a more private safari. Because during this time, they get to experience an array of wildlife, birds, and lush savannahs in a more intimate setting.

This article will detail the best time to go on a Tanzania honeymoon safari. The ideal time to go on a safari depends on where you want to go on such a large continent. You can consider the weather, which can be a valuable tool for reducing your selections if you already have time in mind. Remembering that the same month can be active and sunny in one country yet dreary and wet in another is essential.

Best Time To Go on Your Safari Honeymoon 

Suppose you are new to the whole going on safari experience but still want to go on a safari for your honeymoon getaway; planning for a luxury safari in Tanzania can be overwhelming. This is because you wish to have the best taste of every event. And we all know that Safaris will create a fulfilling adventurous honeymoon that sets up a new beginning. 

Thus, picking the best time that fits your plans and wishes to experience a luxury safari in Tanzania could be challenging. Consider using the calendar timing we have listed in this article to determine the most suitable time for you.

Going On a Safari Between December and MarchBest Time To Go on a Honeymoon Safari

Tanzania is quite dry during this period, making it a fantastic time to see the wildlife. This is when the calving season is on, an incredible time to see animals birthing thousands of young ones and raising them. This also attracts a high density of predators.

January through March has both morning and night clear skies and is best for adventurous couples who would love to hike the Kilimanjaro mountain. It is important to note that, in Tanzania, January is a sweltering month and comes with much heat. 

Couples can enjoy trekking with gorillas in Uganda, which is best from January to February. Trekkers can enjoy gorilla trekking in Uganda all year round, but it is best during the dry seasons from January to February. Honeymooners who enjoy bird watching can also enjoy the view in Tanzania at the end of March.

Safari From April to May

Most East African safari locations experience warm days, cold evenings, and fantastic game-watching all year. However, there are notably two different rainy seasons; 

  • Long rains, which take from April to May, 
  • Short showers happen from November to December.

It’s Tanzania’s “green season” The long rains bring lush greens and soggy paths. As many people avoid long showers, you can set out on your luxury Tanzania safari during this time. Couples can choose this period to enjoy a lodging discount with a private honeymoon safari. 

Visiting Between June to October — The Great Migration

Numerous safaris across Africa follow the route of the Great Migration. Consider taking the opportunity to head to the northern part of the Segerenti in Tanzania, this time of the year between July and October.  

You will witness the incredible sight of vast herds of wildebeest, antelope, and zebra making their way across the river in search of food. You will also get to watch the predators that lie in wait behind the river bank for the herds to gather. You will also see the herds propel the predators onward while crossing the river.  

The couples will also be able to witness the excellent migration view as they soar over the sky with a massive billowing balloon. This romantic safari experience while viewing stunning landscapes, glistening rivers, and roving wildlife is something you can cherish for a lifetime.

It is also the time you could enjoy a visit to Zanzibar. Couples get to experience the beautiful view and white sand on the beaches of Zanzibar. They can also participate in adventure sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and boat cruising while in Zanzibar. In addition, couples can go to Zanzibar’s famous Stone Town and learn more about the ancient architectural buildings and the culture of the tribe of Tanzania.

Also, due to Rwanda’s extended dry season, this is the perfect time to go gorilla trekking because the ground is dry and easy to navigate. An adventure-loving couple would love to experience gorilla trekking. After an exhilarating day of gorilla sightings, couples can relax in the legendary, breathtaking Bisate Lodge in Rwanda, the ideal luxury honeymoon lodge.

Safari from November to DecemberBest Time To Go on a Honeymoon Safari

Consider visiting Cape Town if your honeymoon safari falls into this period. The weather patterns of the Southern Cape (particularly Cape Town) are distinctive from those in the rest of Southern Africa, which makes the area so intriguing and unique.

While most southern Africa experiences rain from November to March, the Cape has warm, sunny, and dry weather—ideal travel conditions. Christmas and New Year’s are lovely, although they can be quite packed with local and foreign tourists.

When Is the Ideal Time of the Day for a Safari?

The early hours of the day and just before sundown in the evening are the best times to go on a safari if you want to view a lot of wildlife. During the early morning or late afternoon, animals are more active. Additionally, the temperatures are typically more comfortable throughout these periods of the day.


While some parks, like Tanzania’s isolated Ngorongoro Crater, have unique wildlife year-round, other natural phenomena, like the Great Migration and the flooding of the Okavango Delta, are mainly seasonal.

Africa often experiences warm, bright weather all year long. However, there are some nations, and even areas inside those nations, that have a diversity of climates. It’s essential to remember when planning your safari timing that each region has different dry and wet seasons.

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