Is Having a Separate Phone Number for Work Beneficial?

Written By Alla Levin
October 23, 2023

Is Having a Separate Phone Number for Work Beneficial?

Unlike a few years ago, you deal with a great number of phone calls and messages, so it’s necessary to separate personal and professional communication to establish healthy boundaries. Having two phones means that you can use one for private emails, memos, and conversations while dedicating the other to keeping in touch with people within the workplace.

You can separate your work and personal life, creating more relaxation and less burnout. If one of your phones stops working suddenly, you’re in trouble. Having a separate personal and business phone number is essential, so using an eSIM iPhone eliminates much of the hassle because you won’t need two different phones.       

Using Your Personal Phone for Work Can Challenge You in Many Ways

Having a phone keeps you connected to family, friends, and co-workers, making communication readily available, but it’s still an invasion of privacy. Too many people are involved in the digital world that it can be hard to disconnect; maintaining a balance is of the essence. Avoid using your phone more than necessary.

Using your phone for work isn’t a good idea because you invite work into your personal life, answering calls or emails after hours, so you don’t lose valuable business. Equally, your device can be an access point for sensitive information, so installing and frequently updating security software to deal with viruses and malware is necessary. 

Sharing your phone number is like opening Pandora’s box. More exactly, it causes a lot of problems that didn’t exist before. It’s easier for others to find your current or past home address, social media profile, and so on, meaning there’s no way to guarantee privacy.

You can open yourself up to harassment by strangers or scammers who target people by phone. If you have a Google Fi eSIM, you can toggle between phone numbers, keeping the same SIM card. You’ll want to use precautions when giving out your phone number, which has now become a personal identifier. Keep it private whenever possible. 

Why You Should Use a Separate Number for Business Calls and Messages Is Having a Separate Phone Number for Work Beneficia

Having a separate phone number for work helps you sound more professional and stay connected. Anyone who tries to contact you at the end of the work day will be greeted with a message (you can hire a voice professional to record your greeting message, by the way).

Messages after hours will go to your voicemail, so there’s a clear delimitation between working and personal hours. You can rest and recharge the next day because you don’t have to check your phone constantly. You don’t even have to get a second phone, which can complicate your life. 

A dedicated work number allows you the freedom to work from anywhere because calls and messages will be forwarded to where you are. Not only do you prioritize what’s important to you, but you can also balance the company’s needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office or on the road. Individuals, teams, and entire workforces can perform well while being entirely distributed. A few years ago, not everyone had a powerful smartphone in their pocket. Now, it’s a completely different story. Instead of using the same personal number, you should have a separate business phone number. 

Listing your phone number for work purposes means there’s no way to separate work from personal phone calls, messages, contacts, and notes. Moreover, anything printed on marketing materials will become useless if you change your number.

And if a customer or client can’t reach you, they won’t call back. The point is that you have all the reasons not to use your number for business. Only take your personal number along when you’re on leave or on vacation. Only one or two people from your professional life should know your unique number and reach you in case of an emergency. 

Getting A Second Phone Number Dedicated to Business Isn’t Hard  Is Having a Separate Phone Number for Work Beneficia

The good news is you can get a separate phone number for work without a landline or a SIM card. An eSIM provides you with a virtual phone number so you can easily place calls or send text messages; it uses your internet protocol to identify you to the network carrier.

Simply put, an eSIM relies on VoIP technology, so you have to download an app to your phone to start placing calls and messaging. Your eSIM data can support all of your favorite apps, and your contacts are already connected. You can keep your personal and work phone numbers active worldwide. 

On an iPhone or Google Fi phone, you can install eight or more eSIMs, but having more than three on your device from the same carrier is not recommended. Keep in mind that only one eSIM can be activated at once. When you have two active eSIMs, you can choose which one to use for calls, messages, and data by going to your device’s settings. Attention must be paid to the fact that once you delete an eSIM profile, it will be impossible to recover any associated data. Some eSIM plans can’t be installed again after deleting the plan from the phone. 

Embracing eSIM Technology

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I get a separate phone for work?” keep in mind it’s unnecessary to make such an investment. The alternative to having another phone is using an eSIM. All iPhone models that support eSIM technology can have multiple eSIMs – it’s like having two SIMs simultaneously.

Getting a separate phone number helps you strike a work-life balance. If you’re still not convinced it’s a good idea to get a second phone number, know that it can help avoid messages after work hours, protect your number from customers or clients, and keep data breaches at arm’s length. A SIM card can quickly become lost or stolen, but an eSIM is tied to your device. 

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