Can I Get My U Visa Work Permit Sooner?

Written By Alla Levin
November 13, 2023

Can I Get My U Visa Work Permit Sooner?

If you have qualified for a U Visa Work Permit, you are already experiencing a lot of stress and simply want to move on with your life. This work permit is a form of non-immigration access to the United States, giving victims of particular crimes temporary residency and work authorization.

This permit is granted to victims following a crime if they are willing to assist law enforcement in the investigation or trial. Those who are given this permit are usually suffering from mental or physical issues, making the urgency of approval even more prominent. Victims who are awaiting their  U Visa Work Permit are already dealing with a lot of trauma and stress, and the waiting times for approval can contribute to this.

How Long Are Waiting Times For U Visa Approval?

The U Visa Work Permit waiting time 2022 was at an all-time high, with applicants waiting much longer than ever before to get approved and enter the country. These increased waiting times follow the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) policy changes in June 2021, which aimed to reduce waiting times for applicants.

However, as the changes are brought into practice and applications are processed, some people wait months and years before their U Visa Work Permit is approved. This follows the already long waiting time for the U Visa adjudication process, following which victims will seek a work permit. While this permit can be beneficial for those suffering from mental or physical harm following crimes, the long waiting times for approval do need to be considered.

Can I Speed Up The Process?

To enter the United States and maintain a decent living standard, you need a work permit. This allows you to be legally employed temporarily as you aid law enforcement with the investigation or trial following the crime that impacted you. Many people go through this application process, and the new policy updates have created an even longer waiting time for approval, leaving many people in the dark for months or even years following their request.

These long wait times are standard for those going through the traditional application process, but it is possible to reduce this significantly by working with specialist immigration services. There are organizations out there that can help with your application and reduce the waiting time. This service can lower your waiting time to 60 to 90 days, compared to the years many have to wait for their U Visa Work Permit.

Many people who have worked with immigration services such as Pro Se Pro have gotten approval in under 40 days, allowing them to move safely onto the next stage of their lives. When you are already dealing with a lot of stress following a crime, the last thing you need is to be left waiting for a work permit. Services are available to speed up the process.

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