Top Tips to Prepare Your Home for Guests

Written By Alla Levin
November 29, 2023

Top Tips to Prepare Your Home for Guests

Whether you are throwing a housewarming party for your new property or you like to invite guests around regularly, preparing your home for their arrival is an important thing to do. More often than not, people get too comfortable in their own homes, and it is customized to their tastes.

While this is great for day-to-day use, it can often mean your home is not suitable for the arrival of guests. If you like to host friends and family, host regular parties, or are just a very sociable person, then ensuring your home is always ready for guests is a great thing to do. Here are some top tips to help you get started. 

Create space 

Space is vital; if more people enter your home, they all need a place to sit or stand comfortably. This might mean getting smart with your home and considering how you can better store items away and organize your rooms to fit more people. 

Have the right amenities

Amenities are all the things that your guests might need. This will be different per individual, but it also depends on what kind of social visits you have. It could be simply having enough cups, cutlery, and other utensils, so they can eat or have a coffee with you. If you have overnight guests, you may need to take this a step further and have fresh towels, cleaning supplies, and more food to hand. If you plan to throw parties, you will need amenities on a larger scale to suit the event’s purpose. 


Cleaning your home regularly and then giving it a spruce up before guests arrive is a great way to keep it nice and fresh for their arrival. Your guests will undoubtedly appreciate entering a clean home. Cleaning will make them feel more comfortable and ensure they keep returning for more social visits. No one wants to spend time on a dirty property. 

Get rid of bad odors

Homes come with all kinds of smells. It can be harder to identify smells when it is your home, as you get used to them, but that can be quite unfortunate if the smells are unpleasant. If this is the case, guests will not like to spend time in your home. You should go around your home to find smells and see if you can find anything odd.

You may also get a trusted friend to come over or look for signs of things like mold or dampness. Mold and dampness are big culprits for smells, unclean items, old clothes, and even air conditioner units. You can look up how to get rid of musty smell in air conditioner to ensure that it isn’t causing you any problems. 

Follow these top tips for the best ways to make your home more suitable for guests. 

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