Do These Things For A Better Hiring Process

Written By Alla Levin
December 05, 2023

Hiring new employees can be a tedious and laborious process. Change your mindset regarding this necessary task and approach it from a more proactive and optimistic point of view. By working smarter and considering all of your options with an open mind, you will find better employees to help your business and foster a place where everyone is happy and productive.

Use the Right Toolsa better hiring process

Hiring people is difficult. You want the best people to represent your company. But how do you advertise and find them? The answer is to use recruiting software to get the job done right. By leveraging artificial intelligence advancements, you no longer have to spend hours crafting each job description. Now, it only takes minutes to create a high-quality job description.

A beneficial feature of recruiting software is that you can stay in contact with the applicants throughout the entire hiring process. It can be time-consuming to send individual emails before and after each applicant’s interview. This unique software allows you to communicate seamlessly as part of the hiring timeline.

Reconsider Age

One thing that is so often, and unfortunately, overlooked in the hiring process is the topic of age. Many hiring managers and C-Suite executives tend to discriminate against older applicants to the detriment of companies. This can come to light based on the dates of graduation or employment timelines on a resume. Or it becomes abundantly clear in an interview.

Age representation matters along the complete spectrum of ages. From a young, fresh, out-of-college employee to an older adult with years of wisdom at hand, all ages of applicants have something of value to bring to your company. 

Older adults tend to stay in companies longer than younger ones and have the experience of life in addition to experience in the workforce to offer your business. They are also less likely to ask for time off to tend to family needs. 

Watch this video to learn about the value of hiring older workers.

Rethink the Position’s Hours

Speaking of family needs, never discount the value of hiring a parent. While they are often pulled at both ends of the professional and family spectrum, that does not mean they cannot handle their job and excel in it. Sometimes, a little grace should be given for the unexpected time-off needed. 

Instead of discounting a parent outright, rethink the hours for certain positions. Perhaps you can change the job description to part-time rather than full-time. Now that you have a part-time position, you can post the role for two employees instead of one. This way, they can focus at work and still meet their priorities without added stress. When people have reasonable accommodations in the workplace, they tend to be more loyal and perform better overall. 

As time passes, that parent-employee’s home life will shift, and their hours will become more available. As an alternative to looking for work elsewhere, they will remember that yours is a welcoming workplace and maintain their positive employment as they add value and experience to your company.

It is time to embrace new recruiting software to create a better hiring process for everyone involved. Find the best people and rethink your approach to finding new talent. They might not be who you are expecting.

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