Why is Your Water Heater Not Heating Up?

Written By Alla Levin
December 08, 2023

Why is Your Water Heater Not Heating Up?

Water heaters are essential in our day-to-day lives, providing hot water for everyday tasks. However, when they fail to heat up properly, it can cause inconvenience and frustration. In this guide, we’ll explore some common reasons why your water heater may not be heating up and provide solutions to get your hot water running again. You can troubleshoot and possibly avoid costly repairs or replacements by understanding these issues. Read on to learn more about keeping your water heater functioning efficiently.

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The thermostat

Your water heater thermostat controls its temperature. When it shuts off abruptly, this indicates that its maximum temperature has been reached, and the unit can no longer provide heating. A professional will be able to rectify this, as they’ll have the knowledge and tools (such as a non-contact voltage tester) on hand to do so.

The connections

A tripped circuit breaker or a problem with one of its electrical components could cause your electric water heater’s failure to operate. Check that it’s receiving sufficient voltage by checking its circuit breaker. If tripped, reset it or consult with a professional electrician immediately.

Alternatively, your water heater may need more electricity to function effectively. Electric water heaters need 220 to 240 volts of electricity to function, and any broken wire or part could be the cause.

The gas valve

If the gas valve becomes defective, the pilot flame won’t stay lit, or the water won’t heat up as intended; should this occur, you’ll need to replace it immediately. If the gas valve is malfunctioning and you detect gas, immediately turn off its power at the breaker box and contact local plumbing professionals as quickly as possible. A gas leak could introduce hazardous fumes into your home and pose serious health hazards that need immediate attention.

There could be several causes for why your gas valve might not be working, including that its thermostat setting may be too high, which prevents its pilot light from staying lit and causes it to go out, ultimately leading to its eventual shutdown. Kindly consult the owner’s manual of your water heater for guidance on the ideal thermostat setting.

Another possible explanation could be a defective thermocouple, a small device that heats up when the pilot flame ignites and supplies electricity to operate the gas valve. If your thermocouple is defective, however, you must replace it to continue.

The element

If the thermostat, connections, and gas valve function typically, the problem could lie with the heating element itself. One of the biggest causes of your heater not producing hot water is this, so be sure to check it first. When checking this element, be sure to switch off all electrical power by switching off both circuit breakers. Of course, this is always best handled by a professional.

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