6 Tips for Using Facebook to Market Your Online Business

Written By Alla Levin
December 13, 2023

Tips for Using Facebook to Market Your Online Business

Facebook is one of the world’s most used social media platforms, making it an excellent marketing strategy. Whether you’re trying to get the word out about your new business or you want to introduce a new product to your existing followers, Facebook marketing can be an extremely effective marketing tool. This guide covers a few tips for using Facebook to market your online business effectively.

Tip # 1 – Create a Strategy

Before jumping into any marketing strategy, pinpointing your goals and ensuring they are clear is always a good idea. Understanding what you hope to achieve using Facebook marketing can help you allocate sufficient time to building your online presence. Setting goals also provides a basis for measuring results to identify any areas of necessary change.

You can measure your social media results in a few different ways. Brand awareness is simply the number of likes or the overall exposure your brand receives. Engagement refers to the number of followers who comment or share your posts. Most businesses are primarily interested in conversions, which are the number of followers who convert a sale and become a customer.

Tip # 2 – Set Up Your Account

You must set up a Facebook business account if you don’t yet have one. Facebook does have a few requirements for creating an account, including a real phone number. Facebook will verify this phone number to ensure you’re a real person or business. Even if you don’t have a permanent phone number or don’t want to connect your personal phone number to your business account, you may have other options. You can create a temp number for Facebook signup.

Using a temporary phone number when creating your Facebook business account has many benefits, including less spam or telemarketing calls. You can also disconnect your personal phone number from your business.

Once you have a phone number, you’ll need to create your business account using its legal name. Add photos and information about your business so people know what you sell or your location.

Tip # 3 – Plan Your Content Using a Mix of Typesusing Facebook to market online business

Facebook followers quickly tire of the same posts over and over again. Additionally, business pages that only focus on selling often find it difficult to attract followers or engagement.

It’s important to prioritize a good mix of content, including videos, posts, selling posts, and FAQs. Facebook also offers a variety of other tools, including sharing a life event, going live, raising money, or tagging products. Creating a posting calendar ahead of time can help you keep on track.

Once you find what content types resonate with your followers, you may even decide to place a few ads. Facebook ads can be an excellent way to reach potential customers worldwide.

Tip # 4 – Listen to Your Followers

Listening to your followers is one of the most important tips for succeeding with Facebook marketing. Businesses can use active listening tools, like Sprout Social or Radarr, to discover mentions or tags related to their business.

Business owners can also use this information to understand areas of improvement better. Even without listening tools, Facebook can be an excellent way to understand your customers better. Most Facebook followers are willing to provide feedback or share suggestions if simply asked. Facebook provides an easy platform that allows you to ask.

Tip # 5 – Let Your Personality Through

One of the biggest challenges of effective Facebook marketing is standing out from your competitors. Don’t be afraid to let your personality through.

Unlike other marketing methods, it’s okay to get a little personal on Facebook, which may include sharing information about why you went into business or what a day in the life of one of your employees is like. Followers are more likely to support businesses that are authentic and engaging on social media.

Tip # 6 – Be a Part of the Conversation

Social media also allows you to be a part of the conversation. Using Facebook, you can actively communicate and interact with your customers. Considering adding a new product to your store? Ask them. Want to know what stops customers from buying a certain product? Ask a few followers to test it and give feedback.

Try facilitating or participating in the conversation rather than trying to talk to or sell your customers or followers. Facebook lives are a great way to do this. You can schedule virtual meetings where customers can join in on the call and provide feedback or earn product freebies.

Facebook can be a great marketing tool for online businesses when used right. The first step in starting your strategy is to set a few goals and then track your progress. Then, you’ll need to set up a business account before you’re ready to start selling and engaging with your existing and current customer base.

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