4 Tips To Keep Your Boat In Top Shape

Written By Alla Levin
December 29, 2023

Keep Your Boat In Top Shape

Several pieces of research have projected an increasing demand for floating dwellings such as boats. Another research highlighted a few compelling reasons to live the boat life in today’s digital age. You may get a boat for many reasons, including making it simpler to explore new destinations and embracing open-air freelancing. However, achieving any of these without proper boat maintenance would be impossible. For this reason, you should consider the tips below to keep your boat in top shape. 

Use the boat

It’s best to put your boat to good use and not leave it idle. Cruising on the water gives your boat a good wash with all that splash while keeping the engine in good shape. Using it also allows you to catch suspicious stains or dings before they become major headaches and present inconvenient costs. So, hop on board, soak up the waves, and keep your boat sailing smoothly. 

Wash it regularly

How often do you give that beauty a proper scrub-down? Regular washes using a gentle mix of soap and water remove the dirt and work their magic against stains, mildew, and sneaky oxidation. And if you are using your boat in saltwater, regular washing is useful for preventing saltwater damage. That said, not all soaps are cut from the same cloth, so don’t let the price tag trick you. A few cleaning supplies like this boat and RV soap are specifically designed for discerning boat and RV enthusiasts, ensuring your aquatic buddy stays sharp and shiny all season. 

Service your engine Keep Your Boat In Top Shape

It is tempting to ignore engine servicing because your boat has seen little action. Others wait until it’s summer to join other boat owners scrambling to serve their engines before the action. However, setting the trend and boosting your service early would be best. Service your boat engine at least once a year, swap out your spark plugs, and keep a spare set and a plug spanner on board, just in case. Also, listen for any new or odd sounds; they might indicate that something needs a little TLC. 

Cover the boat 

While caring for your boat, remember to get a durable cover for it. Not only does a good cover shield your boat from rain, snow, and blazing sun when it’s sitting at the dock, but it’s also your layer against dust and grit when you’re towing it around. While generic covers are a thing, go the extra mile and get a custom cover tailored to your boat’s exact measurements. A snug fit equals top-tier protection against all the elements. 

Your boat is like a trusty companion, and just like any friendship, it needs a little TLC. So, regularly cruise those waves, give it a good scrub, service the engine at least once a year, and cover it with a snug boat cover. Treat your boat right, and it’ll treat you to endless adventures on the water! 

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