Living with a Disability: How to Overcome Challenges and Enjoy Your Life

Written By Alla Levin
November 11, 2018

Ways to Overcome Disability Barriers and Enjoy Your Life

Living with a disability doesn’t have to limit your joy in life. Here are some tips for overcoming challenges, gaining confidence, and loving your life. Living with a disability doesn’t mean you’re destined to be a homebody.

A disability doesn’t stop a fulfilling, outgoing lifestyle for those willing to cope. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans are living with disabilities — and most are living well! Coping and adjusting to a disability is one of the hardest challenges. The initial shock of losing one’s abilities may downtrodden enthusiasm.

Selectability NDIS Cairns advises that there are many support services available to those living with a disability and you don’t need to do it alone. From counseling to independent living and employment assistance, you can make choices to improve your wellbeing.

Yes, giving up accelerates the feeling of hopelessness… but that’s not you. In fact, you’re ready to overcome any challenges! The following is a big roundup of inspiration and resources to help you enjoy your life to its fullest.

Living with a Disability: Coming to Terms with a New Lifestyle

Finding oneself disabled due to an accident or disease can feel like an end to life plans. The disability may have manifested as one aged or begun at birth, posing a deferment to living, too. How can you overcome the initial battle for your psyche? Why so many people are without disability insurance but should have it might be a good question.


There are five stages of grief:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Don’t see acceptance as “giving up” but rather coming to terms with reality. Acceptance is when one can relaunch their lifestyle — there is only one direction, and that is up! Surround yourself with loved ones willing to provide support. Use this change for deep soul-searching, rediscovering your passions, and finding new ones. A positive mindset is scientifically proven to deter stress and improve one’s health.


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Karen Roy, with children Caroline, Joseph (blue), and Austin (striped), 1.20.18

You are not alone in this lifestyle readjustment. Many people provide one-on-one support helping you overcome psychological and physical limitations. Group support is an option when you’re ready to expand your support network, too.

Self Love

Turn things inward:

  • Cut out negative people;
  • Overcome bad vices;
  • Get active and eat right;
  • Reflect on what matters;
  • Pamper yourself.

Know it’s a long process of regaining adapting to life’s challenges. A bit of self-care throughout these challenges improves your positive mindset. Journaling and self-reflection can set and track goals, enhancing your mood each day.


No doubt, you will find yourself inundated with scams once your info gets out there. Scams can range from work-from-home opportunities to swindling benefits. It’s not uncommon for some businesses to exploit disabilities, too.

The FTC’s blog is an excellent resource for information. Else, learn about disability scams and fraud through online forums or asking experts. This education will stop setbacks as others prey on your disability. Educate yourself about how to hire a personal assistant for the disabled without being duped by anyone else.

Goalstemporary ramps for disabled

Life may have thrown you a curveball, but many opportunities open where old ones close. Set new, challenging goals to inspire and drive your ambitions.

  1. Start small, using micro-goals to build confidence;
  2. Scale-up, take on a more significant challenge testing your abilities;
  3. Go big, overcoming your disability through perseverance.

Find like-minded people sharing your goals and become enthralled. Read inspirational stories if it helps you overcome barriers. Then, block those who say it’s impossible or don’t want to see you succeed.

How to Cope: Living for Yourself through Support, Investments, and Opportunities

Grounding in reality but keeping the spirit alive helps with overcoming physical disabilities. This same thinking removes mental barriers as it presents what you can do. You’ll accept support but find ways to cope with your needs, too. How can you support your new lifestyle now, having overcome the barriers?

Apply for Disability

Don’t become someone too proud to accept disability. You’re guilted into feeling it’s a “hand out.” Disability programs exist to help people regain control of their livelihood. The programs provide needed support if it’s non-existent through family or friends. There are two types of disability programs:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental Security Income

Navigate your options by talking with a disability advisor. Or, research Social Security’s disability planner. This reveals whether you are capable on your own or if you’ll need a caregiver, too.

Make Your Space Accessiblewheelchair ramps for homes

There are adjustments you can make around the home to make it handicap-accessible. These adjustments add to your quality of life; see them as tools rather than crutches. What home improvements could you make?

  • Rearrange and downsize areas to open the space;
  • Redo flooring to hardwood, making it easier to maintain;
  • Lower shelving and cabinets, so things are easier to reach.

Installing ramps are a necessity for those using a walker or wheelchair. The ramps provide ample support and come customized to your needs. Browse providers (view here) and inquire about their price and design.

Handicap accessibility is about giving yourself space while adding safety features. Disability can pay for many of these home improvements and investments. Else, try some DIY for a good challenge.

Do Something Meaningful

Living with a disability goes at a different pace than those able-bodied. Society has a long way to go before public space is handicap accessible. Or adjusting to interactions and rights of those disabled.

The disability may come to you as a humbling experience. Reassessing your life goals and passions is a new priority. This gives you a fresh start to do something meaningful. What’s meaningful is subjective for each person, but you could consider:

  • Donating time to charity;
  • Exploring hobbies and art;
  • Devoting yourself to faith.

Find joy in the life you’re crafting without societal pressures holding you back.

Maintain Your Healthdisabled people

Maintaining your health is part of your self-love but in an ongoing sense. There are many exercises and lifestyle changes beneficial for those with disabilities. Exercises for those with limited mobility could include:

  • Water aerobics
  • Weightlifting
  • Chair yoga

As endurance builds, your active lifestyle could lead to joining adaptive sports leagues! You’re bound to find those like you capable of favorite games open to your participation! Likewise, track and manage your dietary routines. Portion control will go a long way with keeping you fit and healthy for activity.

Giving Back to the Community and Final Words

Living with a disability will teach you many things about yourself and others. Those willing to cope are in a helpful position to give back. Reach out, help, and inspire others facing the adjustments you overcame! Explore our inspirational archive if you’re feeling a burst of empowerment. You’ll find many stories of growth bound to charge your enthusiasm for a fulfilling life!

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