The Joys Of Equestrian Living

Written By Alla Levin
January 02, 2024

The Joys Of Equestrian Living

People dedicate their lives to equestrian living (even spending a fortune on properties with facilities like paddocks and stables). But why all the fuss? That’s what we discuss here. We look at some of the reasons people become obsessed with this lifestyle and the joy that it can bring to their lives.

Friendship And Partnership

People can become very attached to their animals, particularly their horses. That’s because they can have distinct, lovable personalities. Horses by nature love working with people. Thousands of years of purposeful selection make them nearly ideal human companions (perhaps even better than people themselves). Many owners report having close relationships with their horses that last a lifetime. These bonds span domestic and competition life, making them even more profound.

Non-Verbal Communication

Living with horses also introduces you to the joys of non-verbal communication. You must pay special attention to them to know what they are thinking and experiencing. (They won’t tell you by themselves!)

Over time, you’ll slowly learn their ways and understand how to chat back and forth with them. A careful pat here or a nod is often the only cue they need.

Love And Affection

Like many other animals, horses offer unconditional love and affection. Animals accept you without judgment and are always there to listen to your problems (even if they don’t understand you particularly well). Many owners find that their stables are a sort of sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life. Horses seem to assist your ability to cope.

Furthermore, you can love them back, whether that’s keeping them warm with Horseware fly sheets, or ensuring they are looked after once their racing or working days are over. With horses, it’s a two-way thing.

Mindfulness And Stress Relief

Living with horses also offers elements of mindfulness and stress relief. Riding helps you forget about the troubles of the world, similar to cycling. You feel like a free agent, able to explore and go where you want. It’s a liberating and joyful experience. Plus, it helps that horses generally enjoy it, too. You’re both having fun together.

The Sense Of Belonging

Another aspect of the equestrian community is the sense of belonging. When you find like-minded people, building relationships with them that last a lifetime is possible. During your equestrian journey, you will find many people with the same passion for animals as you. There’s an enormous community of people who enjoy riding horses and caring for them. You can get support and advice on how to feed them or keep them warm in the winter.

The Equestrian World Is Always Changing

What’s more, things never stay the same in the equestrian sector. People are always coming up with new disciplines, science, and horsemanship skills, so it is always evolving. Just look at the sheer number of products that are available to make your horse’s life better.

So, there you have it: some of the joys of equestrian living. It’s well worth a try if you haven’t explored it before.

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