What Are The Signs Of A Relationship Ending

Written By Alla Levin
January 02, 2024

What Are The Signs Of A Relationship Ending

It’s very easy to get our formal romantic education through the media we consume. For example, many people hold an idealized view of romance thanks to the Disney relationships we all watched growing up, and while those stories can happen, the reality is that people are more flawed, awkward, and bumbling than the beautiful princesses and handsome princes, and of course, that makes real life all the more endearing.

However, it’s also true that such media can give the impression that a relationship fizzling out will almost always be theatrical, intense, and obvious. That’s not always the case. You don’t have to be silly or live vicariously through the television to think these things, they’re in our cultural consciousness for a reason.

If you feel that your relationship might not be long for the world, it can be hard to understand if you’re being a little overbearing or if your concerns really do hold water. In any case, it’s not a pleasant feeling. So, how can we override those worries or confirm them? In this post, we’ll discuss the main signs that your relationship could end:

A Lack Of Co-Operation

When discussions about complex issues mostly turn into conflict, disagreement, or issues without resolution, there’s a chance that both people are framing communication as something to win. This signifies a lack of working co-operatively towards the health of a relationship, which can be a sign it will end soon. No matter how impressive the fire is, it will eventually extinguish if it’s not fed with wood but instead water. In healthy relationships, even disagreements are defined as a contribution to the relationship, not undermining it.

Decreased Emotional Intimacy

This can occur in many ways. A lack of physical intimacy is of course a certain aspect, but this can still be present even in a relationship that’s ending. A more sure-sign is that of missing emotional intimacy. If you find yourself sharing your perspective less and less, willing to be less vulnerable with your partner and feel as though certain communication can be held against you, then that’s a sign you’re no longer on mutual footing.

Loss Of Shared Interests Or Activities

You don’t have to share 100% of your hobbies or interests with your partner to be comfortable. Having some me-time is a sign of mutual respect and healthy boundary-setting when necessary. It’s why most wives are happy to see their husbands head into the garage for DIY projects or why most husbands are happy to see their wives enjoy brunch with their friends. Having our own lives, even if they’re fundamentally connected, is healthy.

But if you spend less time connecting, no longer exploring the world or new activities together, or making more excuses to be apart and focusing on your own thing, it’s a sign you’re no longer a partnership and more a connection of convenience, possibly even headed for a quick divorce.

With this advice, we hope you can see some signs of a relationship ending. Such advice shouldn’t demoralize you; it only helps you gauge your current situation clearly, which can lead to eventual well-being.

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