How Immigrants From Outside Europe Can Move to Malta

Written By Alla Levin
November 30, 2021
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How Immigrants From Outside Europe Can Move to Malta

Malta is an island country located in the beautiful blue waters in the Mediterranean Sea, which treats our eyes with great scenic views. The climatic conditions and growing economy make this country a perfect destination for a second passport to settle here permanently.

This country is one of the members of the European Union, and many entrepreneurs are looking forward to starting their business here. This Maltese island has everything from great banks to stable politics for exclusive investment opportunities.

Move to Malta With Citizenship By Investment

There is a famous investment program in Europe, citizenship by investment, that benefits investors greatly. This program was introduced by the Maltese government to encourage business entrepreneurs and foreign investment in the country.

Getting a second passport here is pretty easy here as the documentation process is straightforward. The timeframe to get one is also relatively short. There is a specific eligibility criterion where the immigrations officers take into account to process the application.

An investment program existed previously, closed after it reached 1800 applications, and now it has been brought back. The new program provides a reliable EU relocation path with fast application processing and hassle-free residency acquisition.

The new program provides you and your family Malta citizenship with a naturalization certificate when you make a minimum investment. This certificate is provided for the purpose that you would contribute to the country’s economic development.

As per the new regulations, citizenship can be acquired only by a maximum of 400 successful applicants per year. Also, you need to stay in Malta for at least 36 months to prove your residency which is very important to get a second passport.

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment in Maltahow immigrants from outside Europe can move to Malta

You get many benefits for your investment in this country, which significantly contributes to Malta’s economy.

Visa-Free Travel to 186 Countries

You would get all the European Union benefits being a Maltese citizen. Additionally, you and your family can travel to the USA and Canada without a visa. Also, you get visa-free travel to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and many countries in America.

Moreover, you can travel to 26 Schengen Visa countries, bypassing border checks. You don’t even need to have a passport and customs clearance.

How Immigrants From Outside Can Move to Malta: Study or Work in EU Countries

You and your family have complete access to study, live, and work in the European Union. Also, it provides lifelong family security. Like the other Maltese residents, your children can study in the Maltese public schools and universities.

Access To Maltese Healthcare System

Malta has an exclusive healthcare system on par with international standards, and WHO has ranked it among the top five. It is funded by taxation and health insurance, and most of the medical services are covered under this medical insurance.

High Standard Quality of LifeHigh Standard Quality of Life

There is an enhanced quality of life for you and your family, and you would enjoy property rights, clean air, and freedom of speech. You will find many tourist attractions here, and Malta is the most famous holiday destination for Europeans.

Malta Citizenship by Investment Eligibility

Malta citizenship by investment is controlled by the Community Malta Agency. As per instructions from the federal government agency, the principal applicant should clear the following eligibility criteria.

  • You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age or more;
  • Have to buy a residential property in Malta that should be worth at least €700,000, and you should hold it for a minimum of five years. There is an alternative to this where you need to lease a property with a rental value of €16,000 annually;
  • You need to invest at least €600,000 after you have completed 36 months of residency in Malta. An alternative to this is investing €750,000 after you have resided in the country for 12 months.

Note: You shouldn’t sell your property until five years.

  • A donation amount of €10,000 has to be made to any organization approved by the Community Malta Agency. There is also an option to donate to the cultural, scientific, sport, animal welfare, or NGO;
  • The health of your family members and you should be good;
  • You need to support your family members financially, who are included in the application;
  • It would help if you didn’t have any pending criminal cases and did not commit a serious crime in your home country, which is also applicable to all your family members;
  • To apply for citizenship, you need to have a valid residence card. You would get a Malta identity document called the e-ID card once you purchase a real estate property.

You would be subject to due diligence because this program attracts wealthy overseas investors of high standards.

Dual Citizenship in Malta

Being a resident of two different countries simultaneously is pretty cool because of the tax relief, healthcare benefits, and business opportunities. Many countries like Greece, Switzerland, Germany, the United States, and Malta provide dual citizenship.

With dual citizenship, you have complete control over your business, and there aren’t any restrictions to living independently. In some scenarios, your current country might restrict you from holding a second passport from Malta which you need to clarify from immigration experts.

How immigrants from outside Europe can move to Malta: Final ThoughtsHow immigrants from outside Europe can move to Malta

I hope you liked this article, which discussed how immigrants from outside Europe could move to Malta. I have mentioned all the essential things you need to know to get a second passport in Malta through citizenship by investment.

Ensure you have all the documents while applying for a second passport in Malta. Even missing one copy can get your application rejected. Getting professional help can get you through the entire process and a high chance of accepting your application.

The documents that you would need will depend on a case-to-case basis, and an immigration consultant can get all your answers answered. Many experts are available who would charge a fee for processing your application for both you and your family.

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