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The Tech Advantage: The Potential of Dash Cam Systems

Dash cams have risen in popularity recently and have become a trusted companion to many people’s commutes. They offer a range of benefits that extend past just filming everyday driving, and many people have begun to take advantage of that. The tech advantages of dash cams range from drive monitoring to theft prevention, and they are more valuable than you may think. Read through the advantages below to see how you can unlock the potential of your dashcam. 

Driver Safety

One of the greatest features of dash cams is that they can be used with a car’s technology to help drivers as they are driving. Dash cams can get a view of the car’s surroundings in real time and may be able to catch road obstructions that a driver cannot see. This kind of technology helps prevent accidents and keeps drivers safe whether on a long road trip or driving through a busy city. 

Specific models of new cars can be hooked up to dash cams so that if the driver is driving in one direction or there is something in the road, the dash cam will alert the car, and the car system will beep. This is also true for drivers who are getting too close to the car in front of them. This kind of notification can prevent drivers from rear-ending other cars as well as avoid side-swiping road barriers or hitting things with their side mirrors. The dash cam acts as another set of eyes and can only improve a driver’s track record.  


Dash cams are most commonly known for what they can do while a car is in motion, but they can be left on at all times and may end up being extremely useful if something happens near your vehicle both while it is parked and in motion. Dash cams can pick up on nearby car accidents, weather incidents, crime, and animal activity. If you set up a motion detector on your dash cam, you can record videos whenever there is movement near the camera. 

Certain dash cams that sit on a car’s dashboard can get a 360-degree view and record videos of activity in the surrounding area around your car. This means that it can act as surveillance if your car is in a parking lot, parked on a city street, or even just parked at your house. Dash cams sitting in all kinds of weather may worry you, especially on hot summer days.

If you live in a hot climate, you can find the best dashcams for hot weather reviewed by DashCamDiscount.com on their website so that you don’t end up with a melted dashcam in the summer months. These dashcams can withstand high summer temperatures and will continue to function despite the high heat. 

Crime Deterrentdash cam systems

Along the same lines of surveillance, if you have a dash cam on display at all times, potential thieves may be deterred from trying to steal your vehicle. This is why it is essential to get a dash cam that can be connected to your smartphone and sends alerts when there is activity. If a thief tries to break into your car, you will get an alert, and the camera will start recording, and if the thief sees this, they may run away. If they do not run away, you have video proof of who broke into your car, and you can take it to the police. This is also true for proving innocence in car accidents, which will be discussed next. 

This kind of monitoring may also prevent your car from getting vandalized or catch someone if they hit your parked car and drive away. If anyone gets coles to your vehicle, the dash cam will start recording and will hopefully stop the criminal from continuing their activity. The more people adopt the use of dash cams in their cars, the less crime will happen to parked cars. This feature is especially useful if you live in a busy city and have to park your can outside at night.  

Accident Records

If you get in an accident while driving, whether it is your fault or not, it is extremely useful to have a dash cam recording of the incident. Dash cam real-time footage of accidents can be valuable in many ways. For one, it can prove innocence to the police and your insurance company if you are innocent, which will help you get medical coverage and get your car fixed if needed. Another benefit of having accident records is to see how the accident happened and if it can be prevented in the future. 

Many dash cams now have advanced camera technology, meaning that they can record videos in high definition so that all details can be seen. This is good if the accident is a hit-and-run because the camera may be able to pick up a license plate number as the car drives away. They can even possibly catch a frame or two of the perpetrator’s face, which can help catch and identify them. 

Insurance Monitoring

A few well-known insurance companies have adopted the method of using dash cams to record the driving behavior of their clients and determine their monthly insurance rates based on them. This is an extremely beneficial feature for chronically good drivers who want the lowest rate possible. The dash cam will run continuously as the client drives and the insurance company will determine after a few weeks or a month whether or not their driving behavior warrants a discount. 

This is also helpful for people who may have a bad driving record but are trying to lower their rates by proving that they are more responsible drivers now. The insurance company will monitor their driving habits for a few months to see if everything is going smoothly and they may then reduce the driver’s rates if they see that they are following road rules and not getting into any accidents.

Whether you are a great driver who just wants peace of mind or a parent worried about a new teen driver or anything in between, dash cams offer help with whatever you need. Remember these advantages when you are shopping for a dash cam, and make sure that you pick one that has the most advanced technology available.  

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