Now Accepts TON for Advertising Payments

Written By Alla Levin
April 18, 2024 Now Accepts TON for Advertising Payments


  • Integration of TON Payments: TON payments on mark a significant evolution in Telegram’s digital marketing, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.
  • Telegram Wallet Bot Innovation: The Telegram Wallet Bot facilitates easy management and transactions of various cryptocurrencies within the Telegram app.
  • Advantages for Advertisers Using Toncoin: Toncoin provides fast, secure transactions, a revenue-sharing model for channel owners, and reinvestment options for continuous promotion.

In the evolving digital marketing landscape on Telegram, integrating TON payments for advertising services marks a pivotal advancement.

This guide delves into the mechanics of utilizing TON, specifically through Toncoin, for funding advertising campaigns on, and explores the innovative Telegram Wallet feature.

Unveiling TON: The Open Network’s Role in Digital Advertising

The Open Network (TON) stands as a revolutionary blockchain technology crafted to manage a staggering volume of transactions each second, serving a multitude of decentralized applications with unparalleled efficiency.

The Essence of Toncoin in the TON EcosystemThe Essence of Toncoin in the TON Ecosystem

Toncoin, the digital currency of the TON blockchain, plays a critical role in ensuring secure, rapid, and seamless transactions. It is the cornerstone for a broad spectrum of network functionalities, including but not limited to smart contracts and the facilitation of exchanges within the TON framework.

Telegram Wallet Bot: A New Era for Cryptocurrency Transactions

The Telegram Wallet Bot, a product of TON’s blockchain, redefines the convenience and security of cryptocurrency transactions within the Telegram app.

It supports a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, empowering users to effortlessly manage their digital assets and transact within the app’s ecosystem without disruption.

Advantages of Utilizing Toncoin for Telegram Advertising

  • Efficiency and Security: Toncoin guarantees advertisers fast, secure, and economical transaction capabilities.
  • Innovative Revenue Sharing Mechanism: Telegram’s forward-thinking revenue-sharing model allows channel owners to secure 50% of ad revenue, broadening the scope for audience engagement and providing flexible reinvestment or withdrawal options.
  • Hassle-free Reinvestment: Channel owners can reinvest their Toncoin ad revenue into campaigns, thus ensuring ongoing promotional activities.
  • Universal Access: By removing traditional financial constraints, Toncoin allows advertisers from across the globe to initiate their campaigns without encountering typical payment hurdles.
  • Alignment with Crypto-centric Channels: Toncoin is the ideal payment solution for channels and businesses deeply rooted in cryptocurrency, enhancing their strategic marketing and transactional processes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Funding Your Account with ToncoinStep-by-Step Guide to Funding Your Account with Toncoin

Setting Up Your Telegram Wallet

  • Initiation: Access the Wallet feature within your Telegram app, agree to the terms, and activate your wallet.
  • Navigating to With your wallet prepared, proceed to, select ‘Balance’, and then choose your preferred method for adding funds.
  • Choosing TON for Payment: Opt for TON as your payment method, enter the requisite amount, and follow the guided steps to finalize your transaction.

Important Reminder: Transferring the exact amount indicated to avoid transactional errors is crucial.

Completing Your Transaction

  • Await Confirmation: Post-transfer, there might be a brief wait for your transaction to be confirmed and for your balance to be updated accordingly.

Through these steps, advertisers can seamlessly integrate TON into their funding strategy for Telegram campaigns, leveraging the platform for more effective channel monetization and promotional endeavors.

Embracing the Future of Telegram Advertising with TONStep-by-Step Guide to Funding Your Account with Toncoin

Adopting TON payments for advertising on not only simplifies the financial transactions involved in digital marketing on Telegram but also opens up a new realm of possibilities for channel owners and advertisers.

This move towards utilizing blockchain technology for advertising payments exemplifies the potential for greater efficiency, security, and accessibility in digital marketing strategies.

Advertisers are encouraged to use this cutting-edge payment option to maintain and enhance their promotional activities on Telegram.

Visit the recharge page today to top up your balance with TON and propel your advertising campaigns into a new era of digital marketing success.

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