What’s up ?

After a long long period of letting this site go as is we finally decided to start a new era in its life.

First we completely changed engine and databse structure. Previous one was very slow and it was no benefits of kkeping it on a shared webhosting. You could imagine how much it will cost to keep dedicated server! Now Internet Vibes should run much faster!


We plan to grow which means that news services will be coming very soon. Old ones is not disappeared – Files will be back very soon with a new level of content and trackbacks for each artwork.

One of the premium benefits we expect is to get an advertisers here and pay to article editors that will be able to write cool content. We plan to make contests and bring Blog service which is coming along with Blog search machine powered by our product Newstrack.

For now we gladly present new and refreshing Internet Vibes and please do not forget lo leave your notes about new feelings to it!

Volodymyr Danylyuk,