Chicken Bizarre Beauty Photography

Book of photographs entitled ‘Cocks, The Chicken Book’

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Anti Gravity Coffee Time

Photographer Egor N made ​​a series of fun photos called “Anti Gravity Coffee Time” playing with coffee cups, saucers, milk in weightless way, where all liquids are frozen in the air forming very nice movements. This post is created with Image import plugin

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Treasures of Bloody Ukrainian Attorney General Victor Pshonka

Journalists visited forbidden palace of former Ukrainian attorney general and discovered lots of gold and masterpieces stolen from Ukrainian Nation

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Catching The Light In Asia

Photographer Weerapong Chaipuck shows Asia from a view of coming through light

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X-Ray Calendar

Calendar with woman filmed via X-Ray. No secrets left. All is open

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Hilarious Portraits of Up-Side-Down People Walking in Paris

What’s right-side-up? What’s up-side-down? It’s difficult to tell in these playfully bizarre photographs

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In the deep forest

Raul Villalba an artist to reflect the hidden secrets of the real human soul

The art in all its meaning is a pure magic. It is a bright mix of desirable inspiration and deep secrets of the artist. Some people say that the art is the reflection of somebody’s soul. And how many people that are ready to open up and show their real soul, do you know? And […]

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Fish Love Campaign

For the campaign Fish Love, a combination that critical mass and illegal practices of fishing, photographer Denis Rouvre photographed celebrities such as fashion protest

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The First Moscow Beauty Contest in USSR in 1988

In the times of Mikhail Gorbachev many things started to change in the country. That period might be called a period of imitation. It came to show business too. The first beauty contest in the USSR became a sensation. Abroad the event called “Moscow beauty” was even called as loud as the flight of Gagarin into space.

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Portraits In Adhesive Tape

Wes Naman created this unique photo session after an idea came to hist mind during the opening of Christmas gifts

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