Old USSR Posters about Stalin and Soviet people (from 30th)





  • Venus

    Hey! You don’t know anything about USSR!
    I’ll tell you, because I was born there? and them I saw with my own eyes what happened in reality.
    When in was USSR everything was censored/ But there were no really pour people, and a lot of really rich people.
    For example, you in United States can work whole life and still never buy your own home.
    When it was USSR you didn’t have ot buy or pay for shelter, because it was free? and to have you own appartment you had to work aruond 5-10 years and then get it for free. And before that you still had free place to live.
    There were no homeless. If a peson worked he never had problems.
    I can tell you thousand thing like this that makes USSR country for safe living. But I just don’t have time for that. Just believe me.
    Thanks God my mother get her own appartment when it was USSR or unless we would me fucking poor and homeless.
    Now ytou can only buy appartment and it’s fucking expensive (watch yourself) and only few people can efford it.

    Why the country doesn’t exist any more?
    I’ll tell you 1000000% truth! Because of some greedy people who saled themselves to US to destroy USSR. Now they are fucking rich, they own everything in the country that was build with soviet citizens (they didn’t pay anything to buy it, just stole it).
    Everything you know about Russia and USSR is mean propaganda. Never listen to it, if you’re not stupid.
    I have some friends from US who had opportunity to work in Russia and they understood everything and never believe what they hear in US. And they never voted BUsh.
    Sorry for my English.

  • John

    1. It seems most/many of the posters and their translation do not now match up. I took two years of Russian a long time ago but it seems to have disappeared.

    2. some pictures are missing–#35, 23, 9, 26,13, 11, 28.

    Appreciate the information. I certainly would recommend the 1996 book entitled “The Black Book of Communism” authored by a group of French writers (did they catch grief from their French communists/socialists).

  • Sergey

    Hello, I’m from Russia and I’ll tell you one thing. We are two different worlds. We can be friends or enemies, but you’ll never understand us. You live in the black&white world, but the world is more interesting and various.

    What can you know about life, if you never chewed the tar?

    Chto vy mozhete znat’ o zhizni, esli vy nikogda ne zhevali gudron? 😉 Proklyatye kapitalisty.:=)

  • Let’s clear something up

    Let’s calculate the number of deaths during Stalin’s time as head of state, using some data from previously closed archives (Fun Stuff Indeed):

    1: Variation in Population = Births – Deaths + Immigration – Emigration
    2: Deaths = War + Famine + Forced + Natural
    3: Delta Pop = Births – (War + Famine + Forced + Natural) + Immigration – Emigration

    We will calculated the amount of deaths between 1926 and 1951,
    using the assumption that the birth rate was a constant of 2 000 000 people / year.
    Please note that this is an average of the entire Soviet Era, and it is
    probable that this number was lower during the famine and World War 2.

    We also use the modern estimate of about 4 million deaths due to the famine.

    Other Important Numbers:
    1- Population of June 1941 includes 20 270 000 in territories annexed by USSR in 1939-45 net of population transfers.
    We will consider this as immigration.
    2- World War II Losses were 26.6 million; Total war losses includes territories annexed by USSR in 1939-45.

    Our equation then becomes:

    182 321 000 (1951 Population) – 148 656 000 (1926 Population) = 2 000 000 (Average Births / Year) X 25 Years – ( 26 600 000 + Famine + Forced + Natural)
    + 20 270 000 – Emigration

    Notice how some fields are unknown; this is because the information is not directly available.

    -36 605 000 = -26 600 000 – Famine – Forced – Natural – Emigration
    10 005 000 = Famine + Forced + Natural + Emigration

    Now, taking into account the 4 million deaths due to the famine we have that:

    6 050 000 = Forced + Natural + Emigration (If Any)

    Evidently, forced deaths could not have been too high, otherwise there would have been virtually no natural deaths!

    Keep in mind that the earlier industrialization of European countries and the United States of America had even greater numbers of deaths (especially due to colonialism, slave trade and the genocide of the Native peoples) albeit it was on a longer period of time.

    If I have made an error in my calculations please correct it and post the corrected equations.


    Which in turn cites:
    Andreev, E.M., et al., Naselenie Sovetskogo Soiuza, 1922-1991. Moscow, Nauka, 1993. ISBN 5-02-013479-1

  • Greg

    is it possible to get prints of these? some of them would look great on the wall!

  • http://gen56.livejournal.com/ gennadi ouzounian

    no.3 is not ‘attack’ but ‘forever-united'[the ancient attire is of russians and ukrainians].

  • http://gen56.livejournal.com/ gennadi ouzounian

    image no.5 is not ‘american freedom’ but ‘freedom-american style'[my corrections are re-post no.9]

  • http://gen56.livejournal.com/ gennadi ouzounian

    i was born three years after stalin’s death and remember those types of posters plastered around[mostly in government offices].they elicited nothing but boredom.don’t forget that they hang along posters reminding you to wash your hands and not to litter.

  • betsy

    These posters were created for workers and farmers who just became literate, but were not college educated and who had just survived a great war started by the West. For the time, they were great pieces of propaganda. Too bad that Soviet people kept getting more and more educated over time, but propaganda did not match their growing level of sophistication to be effective.

    It doesn’t really matter now who Stalin was in reality (but he definitely was not that much of a villain as western folks think). What’s important is that he is a great negative symbol of anti-communist propaganda used by the western elites to scare off their own people and people from the third world countries from trying to improve their economic and political systems. Now Stalin is also used in anti-Russian propaganda (notice how western press always uses Stalin-KGB-Putin links to induce predictable negative reaction to Russia from their audiences).

    Western elites want to keep this villain image because it’s that very nail that keeps the whole structure of anti-communist propaganda together. If Stalin is not a villain, then maybe socialism isn’t so bad. What western capitalist in his right mind would allow western public think such dangerous thoughts?

    My advice to western audiences – do not buy into this crap, it’s just brainwashing, don’t let them scare you off from trying new things. If something went wrong with building more equal society in USSR, it doesn’t mean it will go the same way in other countries too.

    There were unique factors that caused more excessive power use by the Soviet elites in Russia in the 1920s and 1930s that may not exist in other countries. For example, the fact that revolutionaries were not ethnic Russians and hated both Russian elites and Russian farmers and didn’t mind mass murdering them. The fact that Bolsheviks were sponsored and helped by foreign governments precisely with the goal of destroying Russia as a country (so the most ruthless men got the bid). The fact that counterrevolution (Stalin taking over the country, executing his former comrades and abandoning some of their teachings) happened without drastic change in the economic and political system. The fact that two revolutions – political and technological happened at the same time. The fact that foreign powers constantly bullied USSR – started wars against it, undermined its security from within and at the borders, etc.- always made it’s elite feel insecure.

    Also, after Stalin’s death the Soviet government was not repressive any more, at least no more than western governments. And whatever economic issues they had were due to western countries’ interference in USSR’s trade opportunities all over the world. The population was poorer than in the west because the country was poorer overall, not because the government didn’t want people to consume. Why western country were richer? How about colonialism, slave trade, military power for an answer?

  • ariel

    wonderfull pictorial history no matter what!

  • anonymous

    Only the fact that Stalin signed a peace treaty with Hitler before WW2 makes him one of the worst people lived on Earth. All slovaks who support Stalin on this websites are simply communist zombies or one of those who are ready to sell their mothers to their enemies whenever it is convenient for them.

  • Impartial1

    The west and the democratic political system in operation here is certainly flawed. Like any system it is open to corruption and there are certainly those people in society who have and those who have not. The west has exploited other nations and their populations for their own ends through a program of imperialism by force throughout the 18th, 19th and into the 20th century and now have a certain amount of control through economic imperialism. Even Churchill stated that it was not perfect. Yes there has been (and in many cases still are) numerous examples of discrimination, racism and bigotry. To my fellow British citizen who believes Britain would be better under communism…….well true communism has not (and arguably will not) take root due to the fundamental nature of human beings. The Soviet Union was NOT a true Marxist state. It had a huge bureaucracy! The ‘state’ did not ‘wither away’ and leave the proliteriat in control of their own lives. In short communism was hijacked by self-serving individuals who wanted to shape Russia for themselves. Just like the west there was intrigue, double crossing, murder and the workers got the short end of the stick as they do in most societies. And what about the Republics? Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, Azerbaijan, Armenia etc. That was enforced imperialism too. Yes, unemployment was unheard of in the Soviet Union and housing was provided. Huge state funding ensured that. It was a powerful military force – 25% of their GNP ensured that. But it was the perpetual Soviet economic mismanegement that ensured it could not last. There was a great deal of anti-Semitism both before and during Soviet period (don’t forget the ‘pale’) and there is still racism in Russia today – particularly in sport – Zenith St. Petersburg is a good example of that. All political systems are inherently flawed. The only real freedom is true financial freedom.

  • Ginobili

    Well, cpatilism has been working great! Right?

  • http://www.invisibleinkwebdesigns.com/weblog Luke Sheppard


    Who would’ve thought that some posters could have caused such a massive discussion.

    It’s all really interesting to hear the view of different people about this. Not sure about some of the more personal attacks but very interesting nonetheless.

    Thanks for this post and for stimulating the discussion!

    Whatever the merits and problems of communism and Stalin, the posters are great and very inspiring.

  • Dmitryi

    Too bad the CCCP is over. But the Red Sun shall rise again!

  • http://www.hassibassi.com hass

    Stalin isn’t very good

  • Alice

    Stalin was responsible for nearly 50 million deaths why do people still admire him?

  • snorjy

    The stalin ones a re hard to get nowadats

    I have found that this lot based in London alaway have a few good ones in stock


  • Anonymous

    Has anyone seen johnstclare; a babbling alien fanatic whose favorite words include: alien, magnet, hyperspace, teleportation, field, negative energy, and IGNORING ANY EFFORTS TO CONTACT HIM? thanks.

  • Susan Buckley

    Your posters aren’t for sale, are they? If so, what price would you want.

    Please don’t put this email on your website.



  • enmac

    Communism/socialism is a great system, if properly enacted. I’ve become quite well-read in Marxist theory and am a true believer in the idea. There are a few changes that must be made to keep the system relevant today, but overall communism would be a great system if my country(the US) would just accept it.

    That being said, the USSR under Stalin was hardly of socialist nature. If anything it was a state capitalism, where the state controls means of production yet continues international capitalistic trade. Also, the Marxian theory is humanitarian and teaches against the oppression of man.

    If a country were to enact communism correctly by the theory Marx proposed, I’m confident it would come to be one of the world’s new superpowers.

  • enmac

    also, some of these posters drastically exaggerate the conditions of America. They weren’t anywhere near as bad as they are portrayed here, just as I’m sure the USSR’s conditions weren’t always as great as portrayed here as well.

  • Danny

    Stalin murdered around 29.000 Polish officers, army men in Katyn Massacre, he exterminated around 20 million Orthodox Russians sending them to Gulags. If you LOVE and RESPECT STALIN then you must also LOVE and be in LOVE with that tiny thing called HOLOCAUST.