Reset XP Administrator Password Utility

Written By Alla Levin
July 19, 2006

Reset XP Administrator Password Utility

Use this utility to reset forgotten Win XP/Windows Server/Vista Administrator Password (or any other account). Unzip, Burn to CD, Boot from this CD and follow on-screen instructions.


Get most up to date version.

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0 thoughts on “Reset XP Administrator Password Utility

  1. This is just a copy of the open-source [url=]Offline NT Password & Registry Editor[/url]; and it’s not even the current version.

  2. tried it, but it couldn’t deal with large extended partitons. It also screwed up the password lists completely, and locked me out from all accounts. Now restoring from backup to start again…doh!

  3. As has already been mentioned, but bears repeating, this is nothing but an out of date copy of the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor.A great tool, but an old version nonetheless.

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