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Beautiful Pictures and Simple Singapore Travel Tips

Summer day, afternoon, too hot to go outside, the work is almost done, so it`s a perfect time to start thinking about dream travel destinations.

One of those destinations in my mind is Asia, and I am very curious to know more about this country and things to do in Singapore.

I have a few friends who finally expanded their world views, discovering if Singapore a country or where is Singapore on a travel map is. They are absolutely happy to share very cunning Singapore facts, and here they are.

The first one is that Singapore is an amazing travel destination to keep exploring the wonders of the planet Earth.

Especially if you know how to make money while traveling!Pictures_and_Singapore_Travel_Tips-3

They say in Singapore: we know as we need! The tourist, having looked at the island life, will say that the future belongs to Singapore. Singapore vividly sets the record straight, telling everyone: “That’s a good job, and that’s a bad job. You will probably say that we are mistaken?

Look at the level of our life – this is the best evidence of our reliability”.

You should know that this small Asian point in the geographical map has not only the unlimited quantity of lights and fireworks in life but many prohibitions. They have a special system to control that life.

For instance, you will never meet a policeman on the streets of Singapore wearing a uniform on the streets of Singapore – they are always wearing civilian clothes.

The penalties are not advertised by the government powers, but they are efficient and fair. For example, you can pay a significant penalty for cud-chewing in the streets of Singapore.

Is Singapore a Country: Airport Changi in SingaporeAirport-Changi-in-Singapore-1024x576

Airport Changi will meet you with great comfort of forced silence – it is physically impossible to announce such a huge number of daily flights. The architecture of Singapore is built, taking into consideration the knowledge of well-known Fen Shui laws.

Check it in practice, whether it is worthy of trust to them. Just a little: step circle-wise from left to right at Singapore Fountain of wealth, and you will possibly attract the money to yourself.

Even Singapore coins are designed by experts in Fen Shui – there is a symbol on them that brings financial success.

Singapore Changi International Airport

Sentosa Park

Sentosa Park is a giant four kilometers area of entertainment. You can start your entertaining right away, taking your photos inside of the head of the huge lion.

Are you at a loss and do not you know where to go – either to the lagoon of pink dolphins or to Sky Tower, or to the Seaquarium?

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Sentosa Park Singapore

Have a ride by monorail railway – look around, choose a place that interests you. Try not to miss the laser show in Sentosa. Just believe that the laser gun that costs about five million dollars can impress you dramatically.

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Sentosa Park
singapore universal studio
Singapore Universal Studio

East Coast Park Singapore

If the streets of China Town is the example for the ethnic template, being characteristic for the past of Singapore, so, the green areas of East Coast Park are the cultural template for the nowadays of Singapore.

It’s a mega-park of interests – everything and for everyone in the coastal part of the city. The best thing to see it is to take a bike or boat at the boat station on a hire.

East Coast Park singapore
East Coast Park Singapore

Singapore Science Centre

Would you like to see the unusual interactive exhibitions – gimmicks, for example, of harp that plays depending on movements of musician’s hands (if you are a musician, of course) without strings or original facility for the explanation of water movement? Visit the center of science.

Singapore Science Centre
Singapore Science Centre

Singapore Zoo

It will be curious to go by night tram in the zoo. While you are going by tram, the elephants and tigers are walking on each side… They have their own life, and you have your own life – and you can find the overlap point only in this zoo.

By the way, the residents in Singapore consider the interaction with animals as one of the kinds for serious and useful rest. Perhaps, that’s why they have built the zoo with such forethought.

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Singapore Zoo


Having visited Singapore, you will make sure that a fisherman’s village has become a thing of the past, leaving only the state Malay language – the language of fishermen-aboriginal – as the heritage to Singapore. Fantastic Singapore history facts!

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Singapore Zoo

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