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October 12, 2016
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Sri Lanka travel guides are the ones who know all the secrets of the country.

Traveling to Sri Lanka? No doubts you will have a fantastic holiday. Sri Lanka is a perfect travel destination to start exploring the beauty of South Asia. This country is a small and peaceful island surrounded by a beautiful and unlimited ocean. Sri Lanka is also known for its amazingly friendly people and its magnificent local attractions.

Sri Lanka has a special holiday package to offer to everyone who will visit this fabulous destination. You can find any activity there, to experience the most excellent holiday of your dream.

Sri Lanka is also known as Ceylon. Ceylon is the extensive and open green tea plantations, the calming sounds of the Indian Ocean, the wisdom of Ayurveda, and the secret silence of the ancient Buddhist monasteries. No one is in a hurry, except the surfers chasing waves and divers pursuing the next portion of the underwater extreme.

Let’s explore the most beautiful destinations of Sri Lanka

Best Sri Lanka Tour Operator
Sri Lanka the view from satellite

A great holiday starts with the planning of your adventure. First of all, you need to find your Sri Lanka tour operator or travel guide. You can easily do this online in advance. This investigation plan of Sri Lanka with a guide provided to you by the tour operator is a great advantage.

  • The first and very and important feature of this excellence – you will not get tired! This is a vital thing for tourists while traveling, as your tour operator will provide you with comfortable transportation options;
  • The second prerogative of this traveling: most of the tour guides are only local people. Only locals will show you the exciting locations and tell you many interesting and unique details and facts that you would never find out by yourself. Those unique details in Sri Lanka are everywhere;
  • The last but not least important point is that you don’t need to worry about hotel reservations.

You can choose the best Sri Lanka tour package, including 3 or 15 days of staying. But only by selecting the best Sri Lanka travel guide, you will be able to explore the most unexpected and unique details and facts about every local attraction, covering the most useful information about Sri Lanka.

Best Sri Lanka Tour Operator: Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage_3
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

About 86 kilometers northeast of Colombo has situated Pinnawala elephant orphanage. This is a beautiful home for about 90 elephants of all ages – from the youngest to the seniors.

The orphanage was founded back in 1975. It was a shelter for sick and injured elephants and a home for elephants abandoned by their parents and who was found in the forests of Sri Lanka. The Orphanages has got the name “Pinnawala” because it is located right near the village Pinnawala.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya is also known as the thirty-eighth wonder of the world. Right in the center of Sri Lanka, surrounded by lush tropical forests rising the dormant volcano.

On the very top of this volcano is situated a real pearl of Asia – Sigiriya. Numerous studies have proved that this difficult plateau life existed over 5000 years ago. But the most amazing fact is that this huge palace surrounded by the moats was built in the 5th century of our time.

At that time, the ruler Caçapa created a genuinely unique construction. It has the compelling features of an impregnable fortress. This place was decorated with incredibly beautiful features – waterfalls and gardens, rocks and fountains, mirror hall. The walls of the fortress were lined up with the highest quality porcelain and colorful frescoes.

The entrance to the King’s chambers was constructed as the wide-open lion’s mouth. Unfortunately, it has not survived to nowadays; all we have left from that time are the animal’s paws.

Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National Park

182 km away from Colombo, nearby Polonnaruwa is situated at a National Park Minera. This is a dwelling to guard the population of elephants, which has reached 200 individuals.

There are many natural utilities in the park-like a water reservoir and vegetation. All that has become a great natural shelter that provides food for numerous animals and birds around. Viral tremendous tourist activity is a jeep safari in the National Park Minera.

Best Sri Lanka Tour Operator Recommends Matale Spice Garden

Matale spice garden

City Matale is known as the center of classical Ayurveda due to the constantly growing space industry. The city is a production center of medicinal drugs, balms, creams, and ointments. All that you can easily purchase in local stores, shops, and pharmacies. Spice Garden is not an exception – unlimited opportunities to buy any drugs to treat all the imaginable diseases.

Ranweli Spice Garden is considered one of the oldest gardens in Matale. There are other small gardens located along the highway A9. However, the Ranveli is the most famous one because it is part of a traditional guided tour of Seagrove – Dambulla – Matale – Kandy.

Matale spice garden

Ranweli Spice Garden has all the necessary infrastructure for tourists. You can see how the magic happens in one place: how do the spices grow, how they are collected and processed, know what kind of product was produced based on each spice. And, of course, you can buy any of them for yourself or as a souvenir for your loved ones.

Anuradhapura City Tour

best Sri Lanka tour operator

The ancient city of Anuradhapura has located 200 kilometers away from Colombo. Archaeologists believe that this settlement was founded in the 5th century B.C. Anuradhapura carries a very vital cultural and religious heritage. Sri Maha Bodhi tree is considered one of the major Buddhist shrines in the world. According to legend, the Bodhi tree is a tree where Budha was enlightened.

According to the legend, the Dagobah is where the holy relics of the Buddha are placed, or this architectural creature was built in honor of some important historical events. One and the most popular Ruwanweli Seya – The Wondrous Stupa of Sri Lanka. The diameter of the base of this creature is more than 80 meters. It is known that it was built in the II century BC.


Colombo City Tour

Colombo, Sri lanka
Colombo City

Сolombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka, which is actually the capital of the country. Colombo – the center of business, commerce, and culture. Arab traders founded the city of Colombo. Later, the Portuguese fortified the city, then the Dutch conquered the city, and then the British rebuilt it, sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Colombo is a magnificent city to explore. Various and unique styles combine an amazing heritage of different cultures and religions, ages, and nations. It’s really magnificent to see old colonial mansions coexisting with skyscrapers and ancient oriental temples. City tours, it’s also a great opportunity to see many interesting local unique restaurants.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay
Arugam Bay

It is absolutely the most favorite destination for all water sports enthusiasts. They head to Arugam Bay from all over the world. The sports season here starts at the begging of the spring and lasts until late autumn. Arugam Bay is the venue for the world surfing championship.

During this annual event, Sri Lanka attracts the best surfers from all around the world. Besides, the diversity of flora and fauna of the underwater world in the Gulf beckons the lovers of diving and snorkeling. You will be impressed by the magical coastal scenery.

Best Sri Lanka Tour Operator: Sri Lanka Vedda Tribe

Sri Lanka Vedda Tribe

Somewhere deep in the Sri Lanka island, there are Ancient Tribes. One of the most famous of them is the Tribe Vedda. Up to now, several hundreds of families of Vedda proceed with their initial, primitive way of living. Oh yeah, they are not tempted by the benefits of modern civilization.

These people eat everything that the lucky hunters will bring to the family from the woods, and they still foment fire with stones. Men still wear only loincloths. Veddas are very friendly and are happy to show their customs and rituals to tourists.

The culture of Sri Lanka has managed to retain a lot of its own ancient traditions, even though the European colonizers influenced the country. Most of the ancient national arts like painting, sculpture, and architecture, one way or another, are connected with the country’s dominant religion – Buddhism. Modern entertainment is a critical point of culture in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is amazing! This is an incredible travel destination waiting for you to be explored. Looking forward to your comments and if you like this post, please share it with your friends.

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