Watercolor Art Based on the Love of the Wild and Feminine Beauty

Written By Alla Levin
August 25, 2006
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Watercolor painting with love to the wild and feminine beauty by Nikolai Fomin

Nikolai Fomin was born 1970 in Gorny village in the Urals, Russia. He currently lives and works in Kirov, Russia. Nikolai mostly operates in watercolor, mixed technique (watercolor and gouache and other oil painting techniques ) and Indian ink on paper. Nikolai also does oil painting and acrylic on canvas.

The basis of Nikolai Fomin beautiful watercolor art is his love of wild nature, the beauty of a woman and the uniqueness of Northern tribes. Artist says that quite often his magnificent watercolor paintings are inspired by his favorite music and bewitching natural scenery. 

Nikolai says, that as more closely he gets familiar with the culture and the spiritual worlds of Northern folks and more time he spends with wild nature – the unique worlds arise in his mind. He also loves to discover more about the native Slavic Native Faith and the mythology of other nations like Uralic Neopaganism. You obviously can see the reflection of his deep interests in his watercolor landscapes.

The heart of Nikolai fully belongs to the North, with its sharp contrasts of the heat and cold, the ice, snow, and water, with its fluffy beasts and ruffled birds. To the North with its beautiful legends and some kind of “frosty infertility” and its calmness.

Nikolai Fomin is one of the best watercolor artists in Russia and many of his works have been acquired by individuals and companies in Russia, Sweden, the United States, and Great Britain. 

The collection of watercolor art and watercolor landscapes by Nikolai Fomin

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