Flickr #1 Photography Site in the UK.

Written By Alla Levin
September 01, 2006

Photography Site in the UK – Flickr #1

Flickr has taken the #1 spot in our Photography category and it seems to be down to good SEO (search engine optimisation) for soft porn searches. I’ll admit it was a bit of a surprise last week when I looked at our Photography category and noticed that Flickr had moved into the #1 spot. The last time I’d looked at this was in the Spring, when Flickr ranked behind Photobucket and Community Webshots.

In the week to 17th June 2006, Flickr became the #1 website based on a share of UK visits in the Hitwise – Photography category. In the past three months, whilst Flickr’s market share of UK visits has increased 39%, Photobucket’s has decreased 17% and Community Webshot’s has remained flat

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