How to Easily Add Quicktime Video to Your WordPress Site

Written By Alla Levin
September 21, 2006
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Michael D. Pollock posted good tutorial about the subject.

Besides the quality issue, there are other benefits to using Quicktime over Flash. First of all, Quicktime video is the file-format-of-choice for video blogs. In other words, people with video iPods and Quicktime-compatible, portable video players can download the video automatically, just like you would a regular podcast. And from what I understand, that?s not the case with Flash video (correct me if I?m wrong).

You?ll notice, most of the popular videoblogs, such as Rocketboom, RealVerse and (my new favorite) the Clever Parents Vidcast, aren?t using Flash. They?re using QT.

Another benefit is if your video camera records to the QT format, like mine, you can skip the step where you convert your QT video to Flash format. And finally, unlike the Flash tutorial, you won?t have to download and install a media player on your server because many people already have Quicktime installed on their system. For those who don?t, it?s a quick and simple download.

Go on and read full tutorial Set up a VideoBlog

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