Top 10 Tech Blogs

Written By Alla Levin
April 24, 2007
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Top 10 Tech Blogs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

  1. Engadget: A tech blog with news on the latest gadgets, gizmos, and tech news. Rather a lot going on, on the front page, with dozens of outgoing links to other blogs on the Weblogs Inc network. First impression: Cluttered.
  2. Boing-Boing: A completely random blog/magazine with no apparent focus on any one thing (nothing wrong with that). Dozens of posts on the front page, hemmed in tightly by what I assume are ads. First impression: Fluid width design anyone?
  3. Gizmodo: It calls itself the gadgets weblog, and appears to be just that. Nice clean design, good use of images,  sensible number of posts, uncluttered. First impression: I like it.
  4. TechCrunch: A blog that concentrates on the latest internet products and companies. A clear WordPress blog with only 6 posts on the front page (which encourages you to read further) and some interesting articles with news of a new WP plugin that I like the look of. You would think he’d keep his version of WordPress up to date though… First impression: Green! But I think I’ll subscribe.
  5. The Huffington Post: Unsurprisingly laid out like a newspaper, the blog is tucked into a narrow column, although it does exist in its own right on another page. News and opinion on any topic you care to mention. First impression: I hate the homepage layout it may work on paper, but not on my screen.
  6. Lifehacker: Recommends the software, downloads etc. that help to make you more productive. A relief on the eyes after the Huffington Post, and an engagingly written, interesting blog. First impression: The blocks of ads overlap the sidebar. The first thing I noticed I’m afraid.
  7. Ars Technica: Everything technology related, with articles on IT, gaming, the internet, and related law. A little cluttered, with few images and the right ’sidebar’, is way too intrusive for my tastes. First impression: Is this on Blogspot? (Sorry, it’s the template).
  8. PostSecret: People write a secret of theirs onto a postcard and mail it to the blogger, who posts it up. The drabbest template you can imagine, on Blogspot of all things and yet utterly compelling. Unequivocal proof that content is what counts and a couple of blogs further up the list could learn from letting the content of the posts speak for itself. First impression: Wow.
  9. Daily Kos: Hard to sum up in a few words, but comes across as very personal given the number of different contributors. A political blog very firmly centered on the US, it is nevertheless an interesting read. A clean simple layout, which allows you to concentrate on what’s been written. First impression: Simple, and straight to the point.
  10. Michelle Malkin: Very little actual writing, just an awful lot of cutting and pasting. Probably appeals to the opposite camp to Daily Kos, I should imagine they lob dead woodchucks at each other over the Technorati fence. First impression: Blockquotes ahoy!

I suppose you’ll be wanting a point now?

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