News Alloy is Out for Sale.

Written By Alla Levin
May 14, 2007

News Alloy is Out for Sale.

News Alloy was a good competitive feed reader but half of a year ago it reached hardware limitations it was running on and since then we are just surviving. I do not want to close it just because of I do not have money to support its hardware needs and looking for a buyer who can give this service a new life.

News Alloy Stats
Number of Registered users: ~ 9000
Number of new users per month: ~200
Number of feeds subscribed: ~ 90, 000

Visitors Stats
Visits per month: ~ 12,000 (March),
Unique Visits per month: ~ 8,000 (March),
Alexa Rank: ~115,000
Visitor performance could be easily increased with new implementations and stability announces.

Key Features:
Folder based feed organization, highly customizable feed viewing capabilities, Web.20 user interface, AJAX-based navigation, and Rich featured Mobile Version (for PDA, Phones), Sharing features, easily expandable.

Technical platform:
Linux Fedora Core , Apache 2.0, PHP4, MySQL 5.0.X (InnoDB), Unix Shell, curl

Servers configuration:
Database + Hosting: Dual Xeon 2.0 Ghz, 46 Gb HDD (RAID 5), 2 Gb RAM
Spider machine: Xeon 1.8 Ghz, 2 Gb RAM ( runs ~ 40 spider processes simultaneously)

Current issues:
Low HDD Space on database server causes to periodically stop the service and cleanup to free space for new data. Need to spread spiders on at least 4 separate machines or even more to ensure faster-crawling speed. Need to increase HDD space for more items to fit in.

News Alloy was designed and developed to take minimal hardware resources to run so there is enough room to expand. One year of code + databases tuning delivered very stable and scalable solution.

Thus, Could you be interested please let me know

Brief history:
News Alloy was developed by one person in August – November 2005, then 6 months took to deliver stable platform and eliminate most serious bugs and satisfy user requests.
After serious database crash in November 2006 (HDD hardware crash) we lost about 2000 user profiles and since then News Alloy popularity was decreased as users migrated to competitors being disappointed by Service Stability.

We never received negative feedback from our users except for stability claims which mean News Alloy is quite in demand. News Alloy could be easily used as intranet news reader in large corporations or closed communities.

About Author
News Alloy was developed and supported entirely by Volodymyr Danylyuk.

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