Largest Widget Maker on the Web

Written By Alla Levin
May 11, 2007

Largest Widget Maker on the Web

Slide, the maker of a Web slide show feature, has emerged as a major player, boasting 150 million daily slide show views and more than 200,000 new slideshows “widgets” created daily.

These numbers are astonishing and are enough to make it the largest “independent” widget company on the web, according to the company. It is a striking example of how quickly you can grow if you have a good, simple idea. Slide, founded in 2005, first hit our radar barely a year ago. While all companies are the product of team efforts, Slide chief executive Max Levchin, a PayPal co-founder, has the reputation of a relentless workaholic.

The slide is one of the best-funded photo-related companies in Silicon Valley, having raised up to $28 at a reported value of more than $60 million.

Slide gives you a way to push slideshows, onto your blog for example, or to share your favorite photos with friends and family. But it also lets you pull them, accepting a slideshow of images fed from your friends or from your favorite websites.

In other news, Slide said its Guestbook, SkinFlix, and ThemePics widget features are all doing well, and approaching the same scale of its basic Slide Show widget in terms of views.

Source: Blog forward Money

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