Landmark bus shelter concept design.

Landmark bus shelter concept design_1

Landmark bus shelter concept design.

Most of us think of bus shelters as a place where the homeless sleep in night after night, and they aren’t exactly the cleanest public place to beat in the first place. The Landmark bus shelter is part of the range of a real design concept for the city of Hamburg, featuring an advertising showcase that allows advertisers to store double-sided posters that brings in more revenue for the city council, along with a lighting system that lights up in a variety of colors at the right side. This makes the Landmark bus shelter design concept a pleasant place to wait for your transport, especially when dusk falls. I just hope that vandalism doesn’t rear it’s ugly head anytime soon.

Landmark bus shelter concept design

  • Laurent Nellens


    I’m an Industrial Design student of the faculty of Design Sciences in Antwerp. I’m currently in my final year, the second Master, and am doing a project for a new concept for a bus shelter. Is it possible to recieve extra information relating to the Landmark bus shelter concept. I find it would be of great added value in my current research.

    Kind regards,

    Laurent Nellens
    2nd Master Industrial Design
    Faculty of Design Sciences
    Hogeschool Antwerpen

  • paul

    This design is very great ,but i think it not to be used!!it really a concept design!!