Nick Seluk Perfectly Explain Humans Actions in Different Life Situations

Written By Alla Levin
November 18, 2015

Funny cartoons that perfectly explains what we prefer to follow in our daily lives


theawkwardyeti-cartoons (19)
Cartoon by Nick Seluk

My cousin ironically says: “Life is tough and then you die”. Nothing dramatically, but, well – yes!

I say: “The toughness in your life depends on your choice which emotion you choose to follow”. It’s all about the attitude: positive or negative.the-awkwardyeti-cartoons

Ok, we all are the creators of our lives, the ones who make it cool, bright and unpredictable. In my opinion to survive in this world, proudly wearing an expensive label that mentions “Smart Humans” we need to keep developing our sense of humor.
It’s actually a gift, let’s agree it’s not that difficult to tell a joke or at least smile to your friends and others around.

Be more sarcastic even with yourself. It’s always better to post a funny selfie with eggs in a broken basket, instead of posting a complaint on how much you missed in your life.

We all learn it’s normal, its part of life. You know – follow “I speak sarcasm as a 2nd language” my favorite community on Facebook – so much to learn. Who says to be sarcastic in not good, it’s awesome! Plus, scientists say that you look smarter when you make some little and appropriate jokes.the-awkwardyeti-cartoons
You know, there is one known guy out there with an opinion. He thinks that life is about following either your heart or brains. He is not afraid to make jokes about every situation in our lives. There is no way you are not agreed to. I am sure you will find so many moments you have already experienced.

Please meet the awkward guy Nick Seluk who perfectly explains our actions in different situations of our lives. People share with him their life moments and he knows how to turn them into sarcastic and full of positivism cartoons. Nick Seluk, the artist behind the popular Awkward Yeti project.





theawkwardyeti-cartoons (11)the-awkwardyeti-cartoons

the-awkwardyeti-cartoons (10)



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By the way, it can be a great idea for a present for your dears. See ya!

P.S i still keep following my heart.awkwardyeti-buy-now

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