Zhang Jingna & Tobias Kwan – “Motherland Chronicles”

Written By Alla Levin
July 07, 2017
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Fashion Photography From Jingna Zhang & Tobias Kwan.

Every day, the world around us throws new challenges to art. The answer will not make you wait long – there will always be bold, talented and ready to experiment artists. The modern art challenge has inspired two American contemporary artists to create a beautiful project called “Motherland Chronicles”.

New York photographer Jingna Zhang, who is better known under the pseudonym Zemotion, and Californian illustrator Tobias Kwan working under the pseudonym Tobee, jointly decided to participate in the “art race.” 

Let me tell you just a few words about Jingna Zhang. Zhang was born in 1988 in Beijing. At the age of 8, she moved with her parents to Singapore. She studied at the Lasalle College of the Arts. Zhang is one of the best in creating a high fashion photography where she beautifully unites colorful fashion and picturesque style.

Today, most of the art projects involve the creation of works of art at a predetermined time. And the subject of those artworks is limited only by the imagination of the artists themselves. It was the beginning of the work on the cycle of fashion photographs of the project “Motherland Chronicles”.

The artworks of Zang and Tobias are the gentle feminine images, illustrations, and photographs of women full of mysterious beauty with a touch of surrealism.

Unlimited mastery and a sense of taste – that is what distinguishes the pictures of Zang and Toby. Just look at this fabulous artworks – it is a purely aesthetic pleasure. It is certainly impossible to imagine that every illustration of a girl or a woman includes an extensive work.

Contemporary art continues to surprise and amaze us. The photo illustrations of those two contemporary young American artists Zhang Jingna and Tobias Kwan are a real proof to this.

Zhang Jingna & Tobias Kwan – “Motherland Chronicles”.

famous fashion photographers
By Zhang Jingna
fashion photography_nude
By Zhang Jingna
fashion photographers_nude
By Zhang Jingna
fashion images
By Zhang Jingna
fashion pictures_art
By Zhang Jingna
model photographers
By Zhang Jingna
contemporary art photography
By Zhang Jingna
modern art
By Zhang Jingna
contemporary artists
By Zhang Jingna
modern paintings
By Zhang Jingna
museum of contemporary art
By Zhang Jingna
modern art prints
By Zhang Jingna

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