5 Signs You’re Eating too Many Carbs: Carb Cycling Keto

Written By Alla Levin
April 11, 2017

Carb Cycling Keto: Signs that You’re Eating too Many Carbs

Have you ever heard about carb cycling keto? Eating too many carbohydrates can be bad for your body if you eat too many certain kinds. You can gain weight, have more stress, and have other health problems. It’s not a good thing for sure, but it’s not all bad. Eating the right kinds can make fat loss easier, improve your sleep, and eliminate food cravings or tendencies to eat too much.

It’s a bit of a balancing trick. But in this post, we’re going to take a look at some signs that you’re eating too many carbs, 5 to be specific. If you identify with any of these points, you may want to consider reducing the carbs you’re taking or looking at the types you are.

You don’t feel like you can control what you eat

Unfortunately, we all have dealt with situations where we need to burn more calories than what we eat, but we can’t seem to stop eating! You eat and can’t stop when you feel like you need to. Certain foods can stimulate your brain’s want to keep on eating. The sensations trigger food intake desires, especially with the fat involved.

You always crave carbs

Carb Cycling Keto

This comes up generally to stress and having elevated cortisol. Basically, when you haven’t slept enough or are stressed out, the stress hormone known as cortisol is elevated. When it’s higher, serotonin, a brain transmitter, drops because the body uses the same materials to produce plenty of cortisol and serotonin. Basically, you crave the carbs because your body wants to use them to give you more of each.


Your body goes through refined carbs like white bread, sugar, white pasta, and such quickly, which is great if you want a short burst of energy. But unfortunately, there is a crash (think of how an energy drink can feel; it gives you a boost, but you crash after), and you feel sluggish or fatigued its time to start carb cycling keto.


When your body is going through the wringer, so to speak, it can result in consistent headaches or migraines with carb intake. I don’t care who you are in your life and what you’re doing. A headache/migraine really gets in the way and interrupts really everything. This is a big sign you have issues with your carbs and how much you’re eating.

Decreased Cognitive Function

If you’re having a tough time remembering things, that very well could be a sign that you’re taking in too many carbs. Maybe you forgot your keys, maybe a deadline for a project at school or work, or just general things. It could be due to an improper balance of the carbs you’re consuming.

All of these signs and more can show that you’re having an issue with consuming too many carbs. So, what do you need to do? You might be interested to read the testeaholics guide on ketogenic diet for more weight loss tips and ideas.

Also, you might want to watch this. Try to get rid of processed foods and refined carbs in your diet, as well as limiting the healthy carbs you consume via carbs, starchy vegetables, and whole grains.

If you limit the carbs you’re consuming, and you see the symptoms go away, try to maintain what you’ve discovered, and more than anything, just stick with it with Testeaholics Guide on Ketogenic Diet

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