most beautiful yachts in the world
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Five Most Beautiful Yachts in the World, and you Better Have Your Custom Floating Keychains

The sun and the sea – what could be a better way to relax? I think the only better way is an unforgettable pastime aboard comfortable yachts. The variety of the design and the finish of those yachts is impressive.

If only you step in, keep all your belongings tied, and that’s where you will need custom floating keychains because it will be one hell of a ride!

An overview of the most expensive sailing yachts in the World is to your attention and, therefore, the most beautiful. Prices are not specified, as many boats cannot be precisely estimated, or just because the owners do not want to disclose the value of their beauties.

But still, I am sure we can at least approximate the price of the most expensive yacht in the World and get to know its name. Let’s look further at the top 5 most beautiful boats and prepare yourself for your first seafaring adventure.

Mega Yacht – Serene

most beautiful yachts in the world
Yacht Serene.

Even among the most luxurious boats intended for entertainment, some yachts exceed other ones not only in beauty but also in size. Mega-yacht Serene – the biggest yacht, which won numerous awards, was the yacht Serene.

It was created by the most prominent Italian shipbuilding company Fincantieri. Its length is 133 meters, designed to accommodate 24 guests, and its construction costs about $ 330 million.

Onboard, there is a helipad, a cinema, a corporate meeting room, and even a playground for children—the crew team – of 52 people, usually located in a separate part of the vessel.

Whether for the ultimate vacation of a lifetime, an exquisite round-the-world trip, or a luxury wedding on a boat, it’s safe to say this prime vessel is the pinnacle of seafaring opulence and one of the most indulgent traversing the oceans.

Megayacht Kaiser

most beautiful yachts in the world
Megayacht Kaiser.

Megayacht Kaiser was requested by its owner to be designed in the German style. It’s difficult to say how marble floors and hardwood panels made of the West African Ovangkol tree resemble Germany, but in any case, everything here is made of superior quality. The 85m motor yacht Kaiser was built by Kaiserwerft to a design by Luca Dini Design.

Megayacht Numptia

Custom Floating Keychains_3
Megayacht Numptia.

Even before the mega-yacht won the award for the best interior design, the 70-meter Numptia yacht attracted everyone’s attention. It was built for an “American businessman with Italian roots.” Each design element on the board was created specifically for this yacht—everything from the Tibetan silk carpets to a steam bath made of marble.

Megayacht Satori

Custom Floating Keychains_6
Megayacht Satori.

Usually, the yacht owners try to stay away from everyone’s attention. But not Eric Benson, the owner of one of the largest American construction companies. His brilliant mega yacht Satori offers accommodations for ten people in 5 luxurious cabins, and the vessel itself is managed by a team of 10 professionals, including the captain.

Megayacht Azzam

Mega yacht Azzam
Megayacht Azzam.

Welcome to a 180 meters mage yacht, Azzam. One of the Most Beautiful Yachts in the World. The owner’s name, for specific reasons, remains unknown (rumored to be the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Sud). It took about 600 million dollars and four years to create a magnificent yacht, Azzam.

One year was spent designing a yacht, and the remaining three years – on construction. Azzam is not only the longest yacht but also a super-fast pleasure boat.

It can speed over thirty knots (that’s forty-eight km/h). This speed is in need if the prince (we call the mysterious owner so) will have to run away from the paparazzi. Those yachts are magnificent and belong to the collection of ships at sea to see with your own eyes! What can be more exciting – only abandoned boats at sea!

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