Extraordinary Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling Inspired by New Design Projects

Written By Alla Levin
August 08, 2017
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Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling for Homeowners

In the modern world, for every modern person bathroom is an essential place in the house.

It is important to take a refreshing and invigorating shower in the morning in a comfortable atmosphere, and how nice it is to dive into a warm, relaxing bathroom in the evening, freeing yourself from the negative energy accumulated during the day.

Bathroom – room, where the interior should be convenient and practical and safe and aesthetic, cozy, and apparently very comfy. In the bathroom, you need to create a relaxing atmosphere that will help you and your family rest after a hard day and gain new strength for the new achievements.

If you are starting your bathroom remodeling and would like to bring this atmosphere to the interior design, every detail is important, not to mention the main components’ choice.

In this article, you will find the ideal bathroom design that you may use in your bathroom remodeling – Northern VA has an extensive selection of design projects that will help you get inspired for a global or a small remodeling of your bathroom.

Just recently, the vast majority of homeowners around the world were obsessed with interior bathroom designs in a neutral color palette with a traditional setting.

Practicality took the splendor’s place, and large bathrooms’ brightness and pomposity replaced the decor’s redundancy, the rationality, and minimalism of a small room. But, among those who plan to order a bathroom remodeling or reconstruction, always will be creative individuals who see their bathroom space as something more than a place for doing the water procedures.

These days, water efficiency is equally important as a harmonious bathroom design is. Homeowners are switching to low-flow faucets and showerheads and water-saving toilets for a green bathroom.

Energy efficiency is another factor they consider when remodeling their bathroom. Energy-saving LED lights, exhaust fans, and other appliances are some of the essentials of a modern bathroom.

Recently, the trends began to change, and the bathroom interiors are now appearing with much more individuality. The bathroom interior design is more personalized for the homeowner’s lifestyle; the design reflects the preferences and even the character and the hobbies of the homeowners.

There are many exciting design projects of bathrooms in a modern style that is harmoniously admitting the elements of modernism, minimalism, country, and industrialization that will be able to inspire you to the bold decisions within your bathroom remodeling.

The bathroom finishing should perform several functions: reliably protect the surface from the high humidity and the temperature changes, and it must be practical regarding care.

But we expect the functionality and the practicality in everything: the decoration of the ceiling, walls, and floor in utilitarian space, the aesthetics of decoration, the originality of the color choice and the textural solutions, the creative combination of various finishing materials are necessary when planning bathroom remodeling.

Ideas to pay attention to when planning your bathroom remodeling

bathroom remodeling Northern VA_12

– Sanitary engineering can become a highlight of the interior;
– Practical and aesthetic storage systems;
– Original hangers and holders;
– Bathroom lighting system;
– Decorative elements; Rain shower system.

Let’s see in details how does look like a modern bathroom interior for courageous homeowners

bathroom remodeling Northern VA_113

bathroom remodeling Northern VA_12123

bathroom renovation Northern VA_12


Looking for great professionals who can help you with your bathroom remodeling – Northern VA is a great place to find the best ones!

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