Portraits on the Old Paper Geographical Maps by Ed Fairburn

Written By Alla Levin
August 08, 2017

Drawings on maps: Ed Fairburn drawing portraits on the old paper geographical maps

The artist Ed Fairburn takes the old paper road maps and use them as the canvas for his detailed artwork drawing portraits of women and man of different ages on them simply drawings on maps.

Artist is very dedicated to his artwork. His comprehensive work, creative vision, great skills attentive integration of human portrait and topography make it appear as though the two of them have always belonged together on every created by him unique picture portrait.

To create those wonderful topography portraits Fairburn uses as ornaments for the portraits the ornate river streams, unusual shapes, mountains, and seas.

For Ed, the infrastructure of any location on the map and the natural forms always go side by side and do not contradict each other.

Ed Fairburn was born November 15th, 1989 in Southampton, UK. Ed graduated from CSAD (Cardiff School of Art and Design) in 2012.

Shortlisted for the AOI (Association of Illustrators) Awards in 2013. Represented in the US by the Mike Wright Gallery and also exhibiting work in various UK galleries and a selection of international venues. His unique vision and unique portrait drawing techniques make him one of the unique portrait artists in the world.

Drawings on maps: the collection of drawing portraits created on the old geographical maps

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